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  • Jessie’s Girl singer Rick Springfield has settled one of the most bizarre personal injury cases ever and Makemeheal.com couldn’t help but notice that the 65-year old rocker looks remarkably smooth for his age. Rick has alluded to some plastic surgery in his past, but it looks like he’s also spent some time under the knife more recently as well.

    Rick Springfield was involved in a rather unusual case that has taken years to settle. The logistics of “Assgate” as he dubs it are as follows, according to Rick.

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    “This woman claimed that I hit her with my ass and knocked her to the ground during a show. She was claiming all these damages. I mean, I work out, but my ass isn’t that hard! So I figured that it was kind of bogus.”


    Rick does look like he works out and takes care of himself, but underneath the rocker long locks of perfect hair and his carefully trimmed beard and glasses, Rick looks to be hiding a touch of plastic surgery.


    In an interview with Billboard, Rick admitted to having plastic surgery at a young age. Rick makes allusions to a blepharoplasty when he was just 23 after photographers said he had bags under his eyes.


    According to Rick, the experience was traumatic and has made him against facelifts.


    “You can tell when someone has had a facelift and I haven’t had a facelift, and I look like I haven’t had a facelift…I wouldn’t do that. I am saying it now, but I am hoping I stick to it,” he laughed.


    While Rick doesn’t have the bags or wrinkles under his commonly associated with men of his age, he does have a slightly feminine appearance, which could be a side effect of the surgery. Other men, including country singer Kenny Loggins, have complained of similar results after undergoing a blepharoplasty to remove bags and instead somehow narrows the eyes.


    Although in 2010 Rick said he wasn’t interested in a facelift after undergoing plastic surgery at an early age, it looks as though he may have changed his mind over the past few years.


    Rick’s skin is very smooth, as is his neck, which isn’t hidden by a beard. Most likely Rick had a facelift and necklift to tighten up some loose skin. Often a facelift is combined with Botox injections to help the smooth, youthful look last longer and appear even smoother and this seems to be the case with Rick. Rick looks to have had Botox injections in his forehead and between his brows. Although he is in court and facing a lawsuit, he appears to be remarkably unconcerned. In addition, Rick may also have had some fillers placed in cheeks as they look full and don’t show signs of gravity as they usually do at his age.


    Rick has never admitted to a facelift, so it is hard to say for sure. Maybe he just indulges in spa treatments on his Rick Springfield cruises.