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  • Rihanna, Nose Job, Rhinoplasty

    Busting out on stage at the MTV Film Awards on Sunday in a Dominatrix-inspired black outfit and pink umbrella, Rihanna wowed the audience with her performance of “Umbrella”. The performance only confirmed Rihanna reign as the new darling of the R&B world. Being at the center of attention, Rihanna is frequently in the middle of hotly contested plastic surgery rumors about whether or not the perfect-looker is real or a little plastic. In light of Rihanna’s sometimes all-too perfect look, complete with perfect face and body, some would obviously jump to the conclusion that she must have had some assistance from the knife along the way.

    The most credible Rihanna plastic surgery rumor is that she had a nose job. Pictures of the star do show that the singer used to have a wider nose, whereas now the nose appears slimmer, more projected, and the bridge and tip are narrower now than in older pictures of Rihanna. Being that Rihanna’s look has improved dramatically in the last two years, a nose job is clearly a strong possibility.

    A closer look at Rihanna’s nose over the last two years, however, shows that her nose is narrow and sculpted in some recent photos, but then mysteriously returns to being wider again in photos taking around the same time. This suggests that what is at hand here is probably clever use of makeup, which apparently Rihanna is very fond of because of her having grown around a mother who was very makeup-savvy.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn also went through the same line of reasoning about Rihanna’s nose job likely being just excellent makeup skill. Speaking to Make Me Heal, Dr. Youn says “The first ‘after’ photo looks like her nose is a bit thinner and more projecting. It is possible that lighting may be the cause, but not obvious. The second ‘after’ photo looks pretty similar to the before photos. Difficult to tell, but most likely there is no surgery there.” For these reason, it’s hard to conclude that a nose job is at work here.

    The second rumor about Rihanna has less to do with enhancement of her physical features, but more to do with the seeming change in her skin tone which is lighter now than a few years ago when it was more brown. It is quite possible that Rihanna is using skin lightening creams and bleaching agents to lighten her skin tone and give her a more universal look, or again is using makeup to brighten her complexion. It should be noted that Rihanna has had a skin acne problem that seems to be clearing up now.

    Whatever Rihanna is doing, keep on doing it because the fans are going crazy for her.

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