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  • While many men in Hollywood turn to plastic surgery to ensure that they have long careers in front of the camera, actor Rob Lowe is going against the grain. Just before turning 50, Rob Lowe vowed to never get plastic surgery.

    Rob Lowe is 49 years and still looking as hunky and hot as ever. With just a touch of gray at his temples and a few friendly laugh lines, Rob looks great. Whatever his secret to perpetual youth, it isn’t plastic surgery.

    In an interview with InTouch Weekly a couple of years ago, Rob said that getting older didn’t really bother him and he didn’t plan to try plastic surgery or Botox in an effort to maintain his looks, saying “I don’t think guys should be monkeying around with that stuff.”

    Instead of plastic surgery, Rob credits his kids with keeping him young. His teenage sons have him running around in the outdoors, staying active with sports like diving and surfing.

    It’s clearly working for Rob, as he shows off abs that would be the envy of men half his age. However, an outdoorsy lifestyle usually wreaks havoc on the skin, causing sun damage and premature aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

    To maintain a tan, but not wrinkled complexion, Rob probably takes care with sun protection such as sunscreens. A good sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays helps to prevent damage before it occurs as well as ward off melanoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer.

    In addition to good sun protection, Rob may also use a good skincare regimen with products designed especially for men—that is they are able to penetrate beards and sink in. Rob always looks cleanly shaven, which helps him have that perpetual look of boyish mischief.

    On days when he doesn’t shave, he may use also use a product that exfoliates or even a ProSonic device. Although he may not count it as plastic surgery, Rob may visit a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon to undergo non-invasive treatments like laser therapy or chemical peels that can help remove superficial signs of sun damage like fine lines and spots and revealing new layers of healthy skin. And while he didn’t mention it, Rob most likely eats a healthy diet so that his body looks as good as his face.

    Many stars in Hollywood swear by the power of good hydration and Rob probably is amongst them. Drinking water is especially important for people that live an active lifestyle, like Rob. Getting plenty of water helps to flush toxins from the body that can cause skin problems and being dehydrated can cause wrinkles, according to some experts.

    He may also borrow a few products from his wife, which is common with men that want to look good. Although Rob was raised in the Midwest, he attended high school in Santa Monica, along with other stars and became part of the “Brat Pack,” where he probably picked up some tricks as well.