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  • $175,000 isn’t exactly chump change. In fact, it’s a small fortune.  But it’s the amount, and then some, that plastic surgery addict Rodrigo Alves says that he has spent in his quest for perfection, having a number of procedures that he readily admits nearly killed him.

    Brazilian-born thirty-year-old flight attendant Rodrigo Alves has had 12 plastic surgery procedures since his first nose job 10 years ago. And after undergoing everything from jaw liposuction to six-pack, arm and leg implants in a series of procedures that endangered his life, the plastic surgery aficionado says he may never stop in his quest for the perfect body.

    Rodrigo told British television show This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about the start of his obsession with plastic surgery, “Growing up in Brazil I hated the way I looked. I’m a naturally smiley person and my nose would spread all over my face. My family would say: “Where did you get that nose from?”


    “It started with a nose job. And it carried on. I did one nose job and I wasn’t happy with it, so went back for another one. I’m still not happy with it.”


    Although some plastic surgery fans have a celebrity or icon that they are trying to emulate with numerous procedures, Rodrigo says that isn’t the case for him.


    While wearing what are apparently hand-painted contacts to make his brown eyes a piercing shade of blude, Rodrigo explains, “I just want to enhance and better myself, that’s what I am striving for.”


    “I tried working out to get the results. I went to the best gym in the country, had personal trainers, but it never worked for me. So I went for the quick fix.”


    Still, although Rodrigo clearly is a fan of the results, he says that he doesn’t want people to emulate him.


    “It’s nothing that I’m proud about and I don’t encourage anybody else to do it either.”


    Rodrigo suffered major complications from a procedure that used silicone in his biceps, triceps and shoulders. The substance leaked into his system and his arms swelled so much that he was unable to move by himself. The botched problem meant that Rodrigo had to return to the hospital to have the chemical drained, while he himself hovered close to death.


    Yet despite the bad experience and having already undergone nose jobs, liposuction, six-pack and pectoral implants, calf shaping, Botox injections and fillers, Rodrigo says he hasn’t given up on going back for more plastic surgery if he feels the need.


    Rodrigo has been diagnosed with body dysmorphia, an extreme dislike of his appearance. And while he lay in the hospital with doctors warning him of possible amputation, he says that he was considering having a fourth nose job.


    Now that he is out of the hospital, the man who admires Ken dolls for their perfect bodies is being treated for the mental illness and says, “I am really hoping that that is going to help me. Help me not to keep changing myself.”