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  • The View is ready to make a comeback for a new season and almost entirely new hosts. Returning is Whoopi Goldberg and her new co-hosts include Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace as well as the fiery Rosie O’Donnell. The View always gets a lot of attention for showcasing different points of view and stirring up controversy for those that disagree with the ladies and their bold statements. It looks while the women all have experience in the entertainment field, they all have different view points when it comes to aging and whether or not plastic surgery is part of their game plan.

    Rosie Perez, Nicolle Wallace and Rosie O’Donnell are joining The View as Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd and the show’s creator Barbara Walters exit. The View’s predessors are well-known for using plastic surgery in one capacity or another: Jenny McCarthy first got breast implants as a young Playboy Playmate and more recently has become an advocate of the anti aging injectable Botox while Sherri Shepherd may have had a tummy tuck after losing a lot of weight and Barbara Walters appears to have had at least one facelift in her lengthy on camera celebrity journalism career. So what about the new ladies?

    Rosie Perez is now 50 years old and looks much the same as she did when she was a hopeful young actress close to 30 years ago. Rosie clearly takes good care of herself, eating right and exercising and in addition she may use plastic surgery on occasion as well. Because Rosie doesn’t look so different from her younger days, she probably hasn’t had any drastic work done. However, some of the wrinkles on her face tend to disappear from time to time, so she may use Botox injections. She may also use Botox injections to prevent vertical lines on her neck as well but it doesn’t look as though Rosie has had a facelift at this time.


    Nicolle Wallace is probably The View’s least known new member. The 42-year old has a career in politics and has been a supporter for George Bush and Sarah Palin. For a brief period of time, Nicolle has been an on air reporter but mostly stays behind the scenes. However, she may have had some minor plastic surgery touch ups, such as a laser treatment or chemical peel to look fresh and rejuvenated before joining The View.


    Rosie O’Donnell is actually returning to The View after leaving the show for getting into a lot of drama with the former ladies. Rosie is now returning to the show in hopes of having a peaceful relationship with the other ladies and will also be a much a slimmer version of herself after revealing earlier this year that she has undergone weight loss surgery following a health scare. The 51-year old has not yet revealed if she plans to follow up the procedure with plastic surgery.


    With all the speculation and turmoil caused by the turnover in casting, it will be interesting to see how this version of The View turns out.