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  • Rosie Perez is new to The View and is still doing press concerning her new gig. In a recent interview she reveals that while she is now celebrated and accepted for being Latina, it wasn’t always the case. Early in her career, Rosie was told that by having plastic surgery, she could look whiter and thus boost her job prospects.

    Rosie Perez is now 50 years old and looks much the same as she did when she was a hopeful young actress close to 30 years ago. Rosie clearly takes good care of herself, eating right and exercising and in addition she may use plastic surgery on occasion as well. Because Rosie doesn’t look so different from her younger days, she probably hasn’t had any drastic work done. However, some of the wrinkles on her face tend to disappear from time to time, so she may use Botox injections. She may also use Botox injections to prevent vertical lines on her neck as well but it doesn’t look as though Rosie has had a facelift at this time.

    Although Rosie may dabble in some anti aging procedures, she doesn’t look as though she has ever had a nose job or other invasive plastic surgery and has remained true to her Latin heritage.


    In an interview with HuffPost Live Rosie reveals that early in her career she was encourage to have plastic surgery to look more “white.”


    Rosie says, “I had this one representative, early on, told me, ‘If you get just a little plastic surgery you could pass for white.’ I said, ‘Oh you’re fired.’”


    The actress and talk show host went on to explain that Latinas continue to face industry and also criticized those that use the term “feisty” saying, “It’s bad because it’s a negative, negative, prejudiced statement against Latins: the feisty spitfire. And I would get it all the time. What’s so crazy is that they were like ‘Why do you have to be so ethnic?’ And I’d say, ‘What do you mean? Why do you have to be a human being? What are you talking about?’


    However, according to Rosie, things have improved since she got her first big gig being cast in Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing.”


    “And now it’s celebrated. Basically back then a lot of Latin performers would whitewash themselves in order to be relevant and stay in the business and get jobs. And I get it. But nowadays everybody is like, ‘Hey, I’m Latin! I’m loud and I’m proud.’ And I think it’s a wonderful thing. So I took some knocks to get that. That’s fine.”


    Rosie isn’t the only Latina celebrity to face rumors of plastic surgery. Jennifer Lopez is a few years younger than Rosie but is continually contradicting rumors that she has done anything surgical to augment her famous curves or combat the aging process.


    Both Rosie and JLO look great for any age, with or without plastic surgery.