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  • Entertainment Tonight correspondent Samantha Harris is battling breast cancer and tweeted that she has made it through a “grueling” double mastectomy and is now recovering from the major procedure.

    Earlier this week, 40 year old Samantha Harris tweeted after her surgery, as well as a before photo, writing “Made it thru grueling double mastectomy #surgery. Thanks to all of my amazing surgical team,” the 40-year-old wrote. “Like my ‘art’ b4 heading in?!”

    The art she refers to is a photo of herself lying in a hospital bed in her gown, looking tired but managing a smile.


    Samantha revealed just last month that she had breast cancer and was planning to beat it with a double mastectomy.


    “The realization sort of overtook me, my eyes started to well up from tears when I was trying to keep myself calm because I thought the most important thing—was that I needed to focus and listen to what they were saying,” she said of her diagnosis in an interview with ET’s Brooke Anderson.


    “I went back for the results of the pathology and I was by myself because there was nothing to worry about or so I thought,” she continued. “It’s not like in the movies where they sit you down across a table in their office and say, ‘Well, you have cancer.’ It was these wonderful surgeons [who] started drawing diagrams and talking as I was on the exam table listening to what they were saying, it dawned on me without them coming right out to say it.


    Samantha first found a lump in her breast last fall, during a routine self examination back in the fall. After having normal results on her mammogram, Samantha eventually sought the advice of a breast cancer specialist after not feeling right, even after mammogram came back.


    After getting her diagnosis, she then sought the advice of three specialists to find out about her treatment options.


    As breast cancer continues to be a popular issue in the media, many stars have come forward about their breast cancer diagnosis and how they have decided to treat it.



    Reporter Amy Robach was diagnosed with breast cancer  during a Good Morning America segment on Breast Cancer Awareness Month back in October. After getting diagnosed on air, Amy left her post on the popular morning show to take time off and get treatment, including a double mastectomy and the very painful removal of lymph nodes under her arm.


    Singer Anastacia also announced to fans that she had undergone a double mastectomy after her breast cancer returned, the latest in a lifetime of health issues.


    And entertainment reporter Giuliana Rancic was very open about her struggle with cancer and her eventual double mastectomy.

    Likely because of their careers in the entertainment field, many of these women have also opted to have reconstructive plastic surgery after their double mastectomy procedures. However, not all women who undergo a double mastectomy opt to have breast reconstruction. It may be too expensive or women just don’t feel comfortable with the procedure. To continue to wear clothing that is made for a woman’s chest, they may use silicone breast prosthesis along with mastectomy bras. Other women may enjoy not doing either and battles with breast cancer have been known to inspire some amazing body art.