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  • When Make Me Heal saw the pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker without the mole on her chin that is part of her signature appearance, we wondered if she had decided to cover it up or if she had had it removed like other celebrities with famous moles.

    Sarah Jessica Parker, Mole removal

    43-year old Sarah Jessica recently appeared without the mole on her chin that has been with for most of her career. Although the style icon occasionally uses make-up to cover up the mole, it is usually more in evidence than it was in the recent photos. With rates of skin cancer on the rise, it would be understandable if Sarah Jessica decided to have the mole removed for health reasons, rather than aesthetics.

    When questioned about the mole’s disappearance, Sarah Jessica reportedly responded, ‘Nothing has been removed.’ Although later a source close to the star confirmed that she had the mole removed in the past two weeks, according to the Daily Mail. Two weeks would be enough time for enough healing to occur that the residual scar could be easily covered with make-up.

    However, if the mole was removed for cosmetic purposes, it may not have been the Sex & the City star’s first encounter with plastic surgery (See Make Me Heal’s story on Sarah Jessica Parker’s nose job).

    When celebrities remove moles, the world often notices, for better or worse.

    Enrique Iglesias, Mole Removal

    Crooner Enrique Iglesias drew a lot of attention when the 33-year old had the mole that was prominently displayed on his cheek removed. The mole was part of his trademark look until its removal for rumored aesthetic purposes in 2003.

    Ewan MacGregor, Mole Removal

    Scottish actor, 37-year old Ewan MacGregor had a mole removed after spending time in the African sun. Unlike Enrique, and possibly SJP, Ewan had his moles checked out before having some of them removed. He explains, “I just went to have them checked. You have to be careful with moles if you’re pale-skinned and you spend time in the sun. So I went to see a specialist who thought they were better to be removed and indeed he was correct.”

    Cindy Crawford, Plastic Surgery

    What is possibly the most famous mole in the world, still prominently resides on Cindy Crawford’s upper lip. At 42, the former supermodel has admitted to having Botox injections, collagen and using skin creams to take care of her appearance. But the trademark mole that launched her career remains.

    When it comes to moles and potential melanoma, it is better to be safe than sorry and get them removed, as in Ewan’s case. But when your moles don’t appear to be irregular and they helped your career, it doesn’t seem necessary to have them taken off either.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of the following celebrities on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Sarah Jessica Parker

    Enrique Iglesias

    Ewan MacGregor

    Cindy Crawford



    3 Comments so far

    1. Jeffy on July 21, 2009 1:07 pm

      I went to show my doctor a mole on my chest. He said it was a strange tattoo.

    2. Mole Removal on August 18, 2009 9:20 am

      Jeffy, I really doubt that your doctor does not make any difference between mole and tattoo

    3. Jenna on December 18, 2009 6:10 pm

      Let’s get over this so called Mole-Gate. She’s still an icon of fashion and grace – mole or no mole!

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