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  • Scarlett Johansonn, Plastic SurgeryWhile far from needing any plastic surgery in the near distant future, 21-year old actress Scarlett Johansson bluntly said that believes in plastic surgery and is open to the idea of going under the knife once the signs of aging appear. Citing that there’s no “fun” in looking like an “old hag” as a reason to consider surgery, Justin Timberlake’s rumored girlfriend took the road-less traveled by celebrities (many of whom are in the closet about their plastic surgery escapades) and admitted that plastic surgery would be in the cards for her should the need arise when the aging process kicks in. “Oh I definitely believe in plastic surgery. I don’t want to be an old hag, there’s no fun in that,” says Johansson.

    However, Johansson thinks that beauty comes from within and is a reflection of one’s self image and state of mind. “But I think if you’re comfortable with yourself then that’s sexy. Maybe people think that I look sexy because I feel sexy,” she added.

    We find it brave and admirable that an actress as young as Johansson would not be hypocritical and dismiss plastic surgery because she is young and feels invincible before the aging process. Rock on.

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