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  • First, she was crowned Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire and FHM Magazines. Then, she was voted to have the best pair of breasts in Hollywood by In Touch Magazine. Thereafter, she was honored with the award of having the second most-kissable lips, following Angelina Jolie. A British poll even found her to have the best butt from this corner of the world. With all these accolades, one would expect Scarlett Johansson to be an all-natural beauty who has not succumbed to plastic surgery. However, some gossip aficionados have been buzzing about a little plastic surgery secret that Scarlett may not want others to know about – a nose job.

    Scarlett Johansson, Nose Job, Rhinoplasty


    Make Me Heal decided to investigate Scarlett Johansson’s persistent nose rumor and make a call about whether it is real or otherwise engineered by a plastic surgeon. Looking at photos of Scarlett since the beginning of her vast career as a teenager, one cannot help but see a rather wide bridge complete with and bulbous nose. In her teen years, her nose seemed to overpower her face and appear wide in proportion to her face. As Scarlett aged, her nose appeared to become more refined, the bridge slimmer, and the tip less bulbous. In her recent red carpet appearances, Scarlett’s nose acquired sophistication and the bridge looked narrower than before. In light of this, one can easily make the case for a well executed nose job working behind the scenes.

    However, a closer look shows that Scarlett’s nostrils remained the same and that her bulbous tip is still present, although it is well disguised by artful use of makeup. In some photos, the nose bridge is slim and in others it’s just as wide as before. The optical illusion at hand is both the result of Scarlett simply growing into her nose as the shape of her face changes, as well as clever use of make up to make it appear smaller than before.

    Rhinoplasty expert Dr. Paul Nassif looked at Scarlett’s photos and dismissed the rumor.

    From what I can tell from looking at photos of Ms Johansson, it doesn’t look as if she has had a rhinoplasty,” says Nassif.

    “Overall, her nose looks the same. Make-up applied specifically to certain places on the nose may make it look smaller. Her bridge appears mildly wide, her tip has a “cute” bulbousity to it, and her nostrils flare slightly appear to be the same as per when she was younger (minimal make up on photo) to now. Overall, her nose looks “cute” on her face.”

    While some of us would love to attribute Scarlett’s beauty to the knife, it appears in this case that the nose is natural and that she has made a wise decision to keep it as it is. Her nose is distinctive and its quirks give her an edge and an air of a strong personality.

    As for Scarlett Johansson’s breast implant rumors, we’ll leave that analysis off for another time.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Scarlett Johansson on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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