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  • Shakira’s breasts are notoriously small but humble but did you know that the reason fans don’t confuse them with mountains is because the petite pop star decided against plastic surgery?

    Although Shakira regularly appears on The Voice competition show and knows how to move her body for her concert performances, it doesn’t mean that the 36-year old is immune to insecurity about her body. Apparently, despite losing her baby weight in record time and being able to perform amazing dance moves, Shakira still felt some of the Hollywood pressure to look a certain way.

    In an interview with InTouch Weekly, Shakira said that just a few years ago she was considering getting breast implants placed—not to mention a few other things “fixed” with plastic surgery.

    Shakira says she not only considered having a breast augmentation, but also lifting her brows and enhancing her lips.

    Many stars use Botox to help raise their brows and fillers in the lips to help achieve a perfect pucker. However, Shakira ultimately decided to stick with her own natural look.

    She tells the magazine that ultimately she decided against having any kind of plastic surgery and just be happy with how she looks.

    However, she did feel a lot of pressure to get rid of her baby weight as quickly as possible. Knowing that she would be appearing on television just two months after giving birth to her son, Milan, put added pressure on the new mom to get her pre-pregnancy body back as soon as possible. Shakira called it a challenge, but it looks to Makemeheal.com as though the new mom has successfully regained her body.

    Whether you are considering plastic surgery or just want to play around with how you would look post surgery, there are several tricks and tips you can employ, without facing the surgical blade.

    If you are debating whether or not to undergo breast augmentation, or just want to fill out your slinky cocktail dress a little more, considering using a pushup bra, with or without breast inserts. By using a pushup bra you can boost your cleavage, while breast inserts can be placed into any bra and add size. Many women don’t want to go under the knife, but they do want to add a little something extra for a special occasion, whether it is a holiday party or a night on the town.

    While Botox provides eyebrows with a little lift that is not as invasive as a surgical browlift, many women fear having a “frozen” expression. What they may not realize is that oftentimes changing the shape of your eyebrow with a little with some makeup-assisted brow shaping can do wonders for giving a perceived lift and open up the eyes, without surgery. Just be careful not to over-pluck.

    Shakira also mentioned wanting to make her lips fuller. Rather than a filler like Restylane or Juvederm, some sort of lip plumper can provide a temporary boost, making lips appear larger and younger for as long as a night out.

    These techniques can also help you decide whether or not you like your temporary enhancements enough to make them more permanent with the aid of a plastic surgeon.