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  • Sharon Stone hasn’t been showing off this much of her body since she uncrossed her legs in Basic Instinct. But recently the 55-year old hot mom has been sporting barely there bikinis and slinky gowns on the red carpet as she promotes her latest film, Lovelace. In between appearances, Sharon Stone has been giving interviews, including her thoughts on plastic surgery and aging.

    55-year old Sharon Stone looks as hot as her Lovelace costar Amanda Seyfried. In the biopic about the troubled porn actress, Sharon plays the mother to Amanda’s Lovelace, but on the red carpet you would never spot the age difference. And apparently plastic surgery isn’t the reason that Sharon looks so darn good.

    In an interview with NEW YOU magazine, Sharon reveals her thoughts on aging  in Hollywood, and that although she strongly considered getting a facelift, she didn’t get one in the end.

    “People are afraid of changing; that they’re losing something. They don’t understand that they are also gaining something. I thought I lost the deep vortex on my eyelid that you have when you’re younger, but I gained almost a kind of beautiful abyss. As I lost the fullness in my face, I got in these great cheekbones.”

    Just because she’s beautiful doesn’t mean that Sharon hasn’t been tempted by looking even better with plastic surgery.

    She tells the magazine, “I can’t tell you how many doctors try to sell me a facelift. I’ve even gone as far as having someone talk me into it, but when I went over and looked at pictures of myself, I thought, What are they going to lift?,” she said. “Yes, I have come close— but, frankly, I think that in the art of aging well there’s this sexuality to having those imperfections. It’s sensual.”

    That said, she doesn’t have anything against women who do opt to go under the knife:

    “If you have things that you want to fix, you should go right ahead and fix them. I don’t think there is anything wrong with cosmetic surgery at all. I think it’s great,” she said. “But I don’t think it’s alright to distort yourself. You can’t treat an illness with cosmetic surgery, and that’s why it would be great if there were qualified therapists in plastic surgeons’ offices, and that people would go to a therapeutic meeting before plastic surgery. I think that should be part of the FDA requirement.”

    This new interview is certainly different from another interview Sharon gave a few years back, although it may explain why she is against plastic surgery.

    Back in 2010, Sharon admitted to trying lip augmentation, but didn’t like the results that left her looking like “a trout.”

    Still, although she hasn’t had a facelift doesn’t mean that she hasn’t tried other methods for keeping her skin smooth and youthful. Not all stars consider treatments like Botox and chemical peels to be surgery, so Sharon may be leaving her real secrets of the fountain of youth conveniently out of her interviews.

    Whether or not you agree with the outspoken actress, she does look good—so good that she has been romantically linked to Agentinian model Martin Mica, a man almost three decades younger!

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Sharon Stone on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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