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  • Sharon Stone is known just as much for her outrageous comments as for her stunning good looks. So Makemeheal.com was stunned to hear that the sexy blonde is claiming she hasn’t had plastic surgery.

    At 51, Sharon Stone is hotter than many actresses less than half her age. But over the years, she has clearly had her share of plastic surgery (See Make Me Heal’s story on Sharon Stone’s plastic surgery).

    In recent interview, Sharon declared “I have had zero, nothing done to myself: no lifting, no Botox, no injectables.”

    Sharon Stone, Plastic Surgery

    Then she took it back, saying, “I did try something once, and I saw myself in a movie and didn’t like the way I looked. I thought I looked like I had a giant balloon head, and I felt it wasn’t for me.”

    If the rumors are true, she’s tried more than just something once. Sharon has likely had a full or partial facelift, dental veneers and Botox injections and even a nose job early in her career, if the rumors are true. She may also have gotten breast implants, which she proudly shows off every chance she gets.

    Make Me Heal appreciates Sharon’s outspokenness, but we’re baffled as to why Sharon would feel she has to hide a few nips and tucks. After all, since Basic Instinct back in 1992, there’s nothing the world hasn’t seen.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Sharon Stone on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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    7 Comments so far

    1. mr.ed on January 15, 2010 5:45 am

      The Irish genes don’t hurt, either.

    2. Gillmary on January 15, 2010 6:35 am

      She’s gorgeous, surgery or no surgery!

    3. tarım haberleri on January 16, 2010 7:52 am

      Thanks admin..

    4. Darian Zam on January 18, 2010 5:51 am

      You can see in BAII in the spa scene she has breast implants, as she doesn’t have enough body fat to cover them adequately and they are very obvious. That’s just for starters.

    5. sam on January 28, 2010 2:31 am

      I don’t feel like watching any more shows Sharon Stone is in.. in fear of BAD KARMA … Did Sharon Stone visit Haiti recently ?? Why was there a bad earthquake in Haiti in Jan 2010??

      I boycott any show Sharon Stone is in, or any products she promotes.

    6. John Dough on January 29, 2010 8:58 am

      Sam’s a twat.

    7. m65 field jacket on January 30, 2010 2:53 pm

      she is such a bitch

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