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  • Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson took a lot of heat from the paparazzi when she had a couple of red carpet photo ops that were less than golden thanks to a little weight gain. Although she’s never overweight, Shawn could have slimmed down a little, at least temporarily, by slipping some shapewear garments underneath her clothes.

    20-year old gold medalist Shawn Johnson has retired from the balance beam, but that hasn’t slowed down her winning streaks. Shawn also took home the trophy for Dancing with the Stars. Although the competition has a history of slimming down celebrity guests, Shawn could have hidden her slight weight gain a little better from cameras by wearing shapewear garments beneath her gowns.

    One of the oldest celebrity secrets is to wear shapewear garments underneath red carpet gowns to give the appearance of a smooth, perfect body. Whether hiding a little bloat from a recent vacation or they want to keep a small baby bump confidential a little longer, shapewear garments keep everything just wear it should be.

    A product like the Slimming Thermal Weight Loss Body Shaper not only helps control flab, but it is also the only clinically proven girdle that helps reduce waist measurements from 1 to 4 inches within 30 days. Through high compression, perspiration and micro massage, the body shaper actually accelerates weight loss.

    Comfortable materials and smooth seams lend an invisible appearance when worn under clothes, thanks to a very careful construction process.

    Buy shapewear products now.