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  • Shekinah Jo has become a name of her own thanks to her appearances on Atlanta rapper T.I and his wife Tameka Harris on their hit VH1 reality show, TI & Tiny’s Family Hustle. In fact, she’s become so well known that’s she had to address the haters as well as make some plastic surgery revelations.

    In a video interview with Bossip, Shekinah Jo talked about her new body, which came courtesy of plastic surgery, and showing off her new curves via Twitter. Shekinah says that she had some liposuction to get rid of some belly fat, which was then placed in her rear end, to boost it’s size and shape.

    To demonstrate the work, Shekinah Jo stands up and shows her flat belly and then turns around to jiggle her full behind. “They took this fat out of my stomach,” the star said as she showed her belly. “And they put it all in my behind. It moves and everything.”


    Shekinah is so pleased with the results of her plastic surgery, courtesy of Dr. Jimerson, whom she has only the highest praise for, that she is planning more in the future, including a breast reduction.


    However, she says that as result of eating too many cheeseburgers and ribs, the fat has returned in unexpected places, like her neck and jowls and chest.


    To demonstrate, Shekinah Jo then feels her breasts, which jiggles and she says that they are all hers, although she plans to reduce the size of them with plastic surgery if she can’t manage to lose the weight on her own. Her weight loss goal is 25-30 pounds.


    Shekinah Jo also says that she is happy, but that plastic surgery hasn’t changed her perspective and that people shouldn’t expect plastic surgery to make them happy on the inside as well.


    Given that her BFF is Tiny, it seems likely that Shekinah Jo has been in a lucky position to choose her plastic surgery and may even have been inspired by her fellow reality costar.


    Tiny is rumored to have had some plastic surgery of her own over the years. Many fans have noted changes in Tiny’s face over the course of her career and reality show, so there are many rumors that she has had work done on her face, including getting facial fillers or even rhinoplasty as well as chin and cheek implants and even a possible eyelid surgery. In addition to changing her look, Tiny has also grown curvier over the years. She is also rumored to have had breast implants, as her chest has become very prominent and disproportionately large for her small frame. The full, round appearance indicates that breast implants are more likely than just weight gain over the years. In addition, Tiny is rumored to have had a buttocks augmentation, either using fat from her own body, or buttocks implants.


    Shekinah Jo’s positive outlook and upbeat attitude about her new body and plans for the future make it easy to see why she has become so popular.