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  • Sheyla Hershey is best known as the plastic surgery addict with the world’s biggest breast implants. But complications resulting from her latest breast augmentation have made Sheyla give up on her breast enhancement hobby.

    This past June, 30-year old Sheyla Hershey traveled to Brazil to get a pair of 38KKK silicone breast implants, from makers Mentor or Natrelle, placed. Despite developing severe staph and strep infections, Sheyla continued to leave the implants, finally deciding to have them removed after doctors told her she could die if they stayed in.

    Sheyla Hershey, Plastic Surgery

    Sheyla says, “I know it’s going to be a lot of pain on me because I love to have them, but I realize that my family comes first and I love my daughter and son and they come first. Even though I love to have huge breasts, I don’t know why, I just addicted to it; I’m going to try to live without it. Hopefully I will be done then and be happy and just running around with my kids! Just have my back life, my life back!

    When removing her greatly oversized breast implants, doctors found that Sheyla’s breast tissue was too damaged to save, which means Sheyla will likely be without breast implants for some time.

    Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Having a breast augmentation is not commonly a health hazard.  Sheyla Hershey’s real health hazard was that she had her breast augmentation cosmetic procedure done in another country and contracted an infection.  It is not the fact that it was done in another country that is health hazard, but rather that the infection went untreated.  It is safest to have a procedure performed and then remain throughout the recovery period under the supervision of that surgeon.  Her reconstruction has probably left her with many scars on her breasts and she most likely will not be able to have breast implants for a while.”

    On his blog, OcBody plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia reports, ” When she had the surgery to make her the largest breast implant patient in the World, I said it was risky. Now Sheyla Hershey is starting to realize some of that risk. When implants so large are placed the pressure can thin and destroy tissue. There is not enough breast tissue to cover them in these types of cases.”

    “In Sheyla’s case, the implants became involved with infection which undoubtedly further destroyed tissue. Now she seems to have a Wound Vac in place (look at the video) to help encourage the pocket to collapse and heal.”

    “In essence she has become a reconstructive type case. This is sad. Her breasts will end up looking pretty poorly by the sounds of things. This type of outcome is almost unheard of with the more routinely implanted sizes.”

    “Really big comes with really big risk with breast implants.”

    In addition to numerous breast augmentations to have the biggest implants in the world, Sheyla has also had liposuction and nose job, as well as facial fillers like Juvederm and Restylane.

    Sheyla continues to be on antibiotics to fight off lingering infections. Makemeheal.com wishes Sheyla a speedy recovery and hopes she has learned her lesson about undergoing plastic surgery far from home.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Sheyla Hershey on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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