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  • Simon Cowell should know by now the power of his suggestion. His words have convinced countless hopefuls whether or not they can follow their dreams to become singers. But his words have also affected whether or not singing wanna-be’s undergo plastic surgery.

    Katrina Lee, Plastic Surgery

    Simon Cowell is best known to American audiences for his role as the cranky judge on the hit show American Idol. But in his native Britain, the hard to please judge also makes rude remark on the British version of the show, called X-Factor.

    Simon is a well-known Botox fan (See Make Me Heal’s story on Simon Cowell’s Botox use) and even convinced his fellow Brit and reality show star celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to get the wrinkle relaxing injections as well (See Make Me Heal’s story on Gordon Ramsay’s Botox injections). But it seems Simon is also a fan of more invasive cosmetic surgery as well, convincing a former X-Factor contestant to go under the knife to help make her dreams of stardom come true.

    Katrina Lee, 23 underwent thousands of dollars in plastic surgery and beauty treatment procedures after Simon Cowell told her that he wished he could put her voice “in someone else’s body.”

    To prepare to audition a second time on a later season of the show, Katrina underwent laser surgery on her face, liposuction, dental work and hired a personal trainer to lose weight, as well as dying her hair an unlikely shade of red before auditioning again. She also developed and fought an eating disorder after hearing Simon’s devastating remarks five years ago.

    After Simon’s remarks, Katrina told a British tabloid, “’What happened to me the last time nearly tipped me over the edge, it was terrible.”

    ‘I came face-to -face with Simon Cowell and told him that his comments had nearly wrecked my life. He told me, ‘That’s not a nice thing I said.’”

    Now she reveals that her surgery was a success, as the judges put her through to the next round on her second time on the show.

    She says, “’Since then I’ve had laser treatment and liposuction and I’ve come back a new person.”

    “When he saw me this time he said I was a good-looking girl. I went through so much after his comments the last time. I was 18 and they really hit me hard.”

    “Now I’m delighted. It’s been through a lot, including facial surgery. I’ve gone to every extreme to get to this point.”

    ‘This year Cheryl Cole said my audition was fantastic and I’m really pleased I’ve come this far.”

    Make Me Heal wishes Katrina success on her path to fame, and hopes she has also gained self-esteem along with her plastic surgery.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Katrina Lee on Plasticopedia, the web’s largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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