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  • Romanian tennis star Simona Halep gets just as much attention for her skills as for her large breasts. Make Me Heal was pleased to learn that Simona decided to undergo a breast reduction to help her game.

    Last year when she was 17 Simona Halep announced her decision to undergo a breast reduction. Simona stated the following: “This fall I’ll have a breast reduction operation. The breasts make me uncomfortable when I play. It’s the weight that troubles me – my ability to react quickly.”

    Simona Halep, Plastic Surgery

    Now, at 18, recent pictures have revealed that the Romanian tennis star, who has been compared to Anna Kournikova for her exceptional looks, has followed through on her decision to reduce her 34-DD sized breasts. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Anna Kournikova’s plastic surgery).

    Simona Halep, Plastic Surgery

    While Simona has drawn much attention because of her large breasts, she has expressed more concern about her game.

    “I do not believe that physical appearance has an effect on performance, so I help with anything in the sport. My mind bust when I go on the field and even if I were sporting, I would have felt very good. (My Breasts) inconvenience me, it’s very hard with them. It’s a weight in addition to confound me speed response. I can not go on very well. Shoot me down. Nothing in life is not like me even though sport was not all I was doing surgery”, revealed Simona.

    Large breasts can cause back and neck and shoulder pain and many women are much happier once they are reduced and they no longer need to wear multiple bras for support.

    Make Me Heal hopes that Simona is happy with her decision and wishes her the best of luck in her upcoming matches.

    See the complete plastic surgery profile of Simona Halep on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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    1 Comment so far

    1. Texas breast reduction on January 29, 2010 12:32 am

      Yuck, those things just make her look like a 50 year-old woman, very thick and linebacker-esque. You can’t tell me that a smaller chest wouldn’t be more attractive.

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