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  • Sisters With Voices, best known as the abbreviated SWV was one of the most popular R&B groups of the 90s. After making a comeback in 2005, the group has once again regained some of it’s former popularity, thanks in part to plastic surgery.

    Coko Taj and Lelee recently starred in a reality show chronicling their breakup and reunion and on the show Lelee undergoes a Brazillian butt lift, which she explains on the show’s blog.

    Lelee and Coko reportedly wanted to keep up with the genre’s younger stars, many of which have found fame with plastic surgery buttocks augmentation.


    On the blog, Lelee writes, “Ok, so Coko and I decided to sneak and have surgery without telling Taj and Cory. I have to admit it was a very selfish move on my part. Regardless of whether or not they’d be against it or not, it wasn’t the best decision on our part. Ok, I’m sorry, but I’m glad I did it. I turned 40 this year and I wanted to do something I’ve never done before. I did it and I’m excited. I have to make this clear before yall start putting me in the silicone group. There’s not one ounce of silicone in my ass—NONE! I had a procedure called a fat transfer. This is where they take your own fat from an unwanted area on your body and distribute it where it is needed. In my case, it wasn’t NEEDED, but I wanted more volume in that booty lol. I never knew how much I would need my ass, but couldn’t use it. I was confined to the boppy pillow so my fat wouldn’t be disturbed. If disturbed by sitting directly on hard chairs and benches, the fat would absorb and turn into water, and we aint want that. Hell nahhh lol. The experience was great and Dr. Jimerson and staff made it so easy for me. I have to admit that I blew up like a whale from the meds and swelling, but I’m back now baby I’m back!”


    In an interview with Power 105, Lelee also said how much she loved her new backside, saying, “I got a Brazilian butt life. It’s when you take fat outta your stomach and put it wherever you want it and I put it in my butt. I had a butt before and I wanted to do something different,” she said. “It was nice. You turn forty and I wanted to do something I’d never done before, it was an experience. You never realize how much you need your ass.”


    Coko says that having liposuction helped her regain her confidence after fans called her “fat.” She explained on the air, “We didn’t go to the same doctor. It’s not irresponsible, we’re taking care of ourselves. Everybody was talking [about] how fat we are so wanted to get the fat sucked out. We were fat we knew it,” she said.

    “I was 215 pounds I was fat. Walking down them steps at the BET Awards–that was not me. I’m 5’9 but it was a lot of weight on me.”

    It sounds like the ladies are back to loving life, thanks to their plastic surgery procedures.