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  • Snooki’s life has changed dramatically since her days on the Jersey Shore. Now the petite reality star has settled down some and lost a lot of weight, which she attributes to a lifestyle overhaul, rather than plastic surgery.

    At just 4’9″, Snooki doesn’t have a lot of room for weight gain. Despite peaking at 148 pounds during her pregnancy with son Lorenzo, Snooki is now down to a healthy 96 pounds—which she says is perfect for her size.

    Despite being an adorable little chubster on The Jersey Shore, fighting and drinking daily, Snooki says that her life has changed dramatically now that she is a mother. Now Snooki sticks closer to home and fills her days with weight-training, strength exercises and cardio sessions.

    She also eats better, with a lot of chicken and vegetables and has cut back on her drinking dramatically-which is a good thing after being arrested in 2010 for drunk and disorderly conduct.

    Although Snooki says she is proud of her weight loss efforts and says that she has done it all through hard work: diet and exercise, many say that she dropped the weight so fast because of weight loss plastic surgery, such as liposuction.

    Still Snooki is quick to shoot down the haters, although she is complimented by the theory.

    “I’ve never been under the knife,” she says. “I’ve never even had anesthesia, but I feel like the fact that people say I’ve had plastic surgery means I look perfect, right?”

    In the past, Snooki has said that if she does go under the knife, it would be for a breast lift—but not until she is finished having kids. Lorenzo is number one and the new mom says she would like four children, so any plastic surgery is probably a few years away at the very least.

    So what about her face? Many fans have noted that with her weight loss, Snooki looks pretty different. However Snooki says that the one thing she would never touch is her face.

    Despite the fact that many of her former costars look to have had fillers placed in their lips and Botox in their foreheads, Snooki figures she already looks young—”I look like I’m 12 anyway.”

    However, while weight loss has made Snooki’s bone structure more prominent so that her chin is much more pronounced and her face much more narrow, it does look like her smile has become much more noticeable as well. Maybe Snooki isn’t counting the obvious dental veneers as facial plastic surgery because they are inside her mouth? Or maybe she has had the veneers for years but the weight loss somehow helps them to stand out.

    One thing that Snooki hasn’t changed is her penchant for tanning. Whether the outside is frightful or delightful, Snooki has retained her signature oompa loompa hue.

    Snooki sounds happy in her new role as a mother and definitely happy about her appearance and meeting her weight loss goals.