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  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is an extra dose of drama from new castmembers and soap stars, Days of Our Lives actresses Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna. The stars will be in good company as plastic surgery is practically a prerequisite to be cast on the show.

    55-year old Eileen Davidson looks nowhere close to her chronological age. Although her statuesque body has led to rumors of the soap star being transgendered, it seems unlikely. What is more likely is that Eileen has been dabbling in plastic surgery over the years to maintain her youthful appearance and soap star gleam. Eileen has probably had a facelift and she most likely uses Botox and fillers as well to help her skin appear tight and firm. Given that her décolletage is also in great shape, without sun spots or wrinkles, she may also get chemical peels and laser treatments. In addition, her full chest and placement of her breasts indicate that Eileen has probably had a breast augmentation in the past few years. While a working actress isn’t Bravo’s typical casting decision, Eileen will likely be able to hold her own during the show’s famously dramatic moments thanks to her background as a drama queen.

    Eileen is the latest new castmember of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to be announced. She is joining fellow Days of Our Lives actress Lisa Rinna. 51-year old Lisa Rinna has probably become better known for her plastic surgery over the years, including her famously enlarged lips. Lisa had gotten implants placed in her lips years ago which seemed to consume her face and her career. A few years ago, Lisa opted to have the implants removed and while her lips are still large, they are much less prominent than in the past. Lisa may now be using fillers in her lips, which are much less dramatic than implants and she probably also gets Botox injections in her forehead as well.  In the past, Lisa has posed for Playboy and those photos indicated that the former soap star has had breast augmentation. Lisa is married to actor Harry Hamlin and the two usually seem to have a good relationship although reality television is famous for breaking up couples, whether they have been married briefly or for many years.


    Lisa has reportedly already starting filming for the show, including her birthday party at friend Lisa Vanderpump’s newest restaurant, Pump. Lisa Vanderpump is a veteran of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and much of the drama seen on the show seems to occur at her restaurants, including the drama seen on her spinoff series Vanderpump rules.


    Eileen and Lisa will be joining veterans of the show including former child stars and sister Kim and Kyle Richards in addition to Lisa Vanderpump. Former housewives Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia were fired after appearing on season 4 of the series. All the ladies will likely dish on everything from fashion to their plastic surgery procedures.