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  • While some celebrities have a never say never stance when it comes to going under the knife for a nip or tuck to turn back the years, Days of Our Lives soap actress Kristian Alfonso has a firmer stance, saying that she will never have plastic surgery.

    For over 30 years, Kristian Alfonso has been playing Hope Williams Brady on Days of Our Lives. Yet at 50, Kristian still looks much the same as when she first took the role and it isn’t with the help of plastic surgery. Nor does she plan to have any cosmetic surgery in the future.

    Kristian tells The Telegraph, via The Daily Mail that she doesn’t have plans for plastic surgery because, “I want my grandchildren to recognise me, and my children.”


    Rather than undergo plastic surgery, Kristian says that she plans to age gracefully.


    “I just say to my hubby, ‘you know what honey, I’m just going to age gracefully, I’m too afraid to do anything.’”


    “In the old pictures they’ll say she’s aged and you know, she’s lived life.”


    The soap actress made the comments in an interview while Down Under as she helps her castmates to promote the return of the long running soap opera to Australian television.


    Kristian first premiered her character on the show back in 1983. After a brief hiatus, the show has moved from one Australian television channel to another.


    Thus far, Kristian seems to be aging very gracefully. During her promo tour of Australia, Kristian took selfies alongside her costars and looked nothing close to her chronological age. Either Kristian has already had some plastic surgery to prevent signs of aging and doesn’t plan to have any more, or she takes very good care of her skin.


    Kristian shows very few signs of aging, even when shown close up in non professional photographs. Although her neck shows some signs of aging, including horizontal banding, she doesn’t have a lot of loose skin around her jaw and jowls. This is often indicative of a facelift, but a facelift seems unlikely given her stance against plastic surgery.


    In addition to a smooth jaw line, Kristian also has almost no horizontal lines across her forehead and no deep lines between her brows. Usually this is a result of an injectable such as Botox, but may also result when someone wears bangs over a number of years, blocking damaging rays from the sun. Kristian may not count Botox as plastic surgery or she may take care to cover up and use sunscreen or rely on her indoor job on the set of the soap to protect her from harsh rays that cause signs of aging and skin damage.


    Although not all photos were staged, most likely Kristian has also picked up some makeup tips from the soap’s professional artists over the years, which allow her to blur the lines on her face and appear fit and radiant at all times.