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  • Soleil Moon Frye entered Hollywood at a young age, beginning at the age of two and finding fame at the age of seven in the title role of the hit television show Punky Brewster. As a child she began to develop early, due to a medical condition known as gigantomastia (literally, giant breasts). By the time she was 15, the petite actress had a 38-DD bust size, earning her the unwelcome nickname of Punky Boobster. Suffering from taunts and physical issues like being unable to jog or hug people comfortably, Soleil opted to have a breast reduction, discussing the procedure with People magazine back in 1993.

    Now 37, Soleil Moon Frye gave birth to her third child just last month. But long before she was a mother and parenting book writer, Soleil was amongst the first stars to go public about her decision to go under the knife.

    At just 3 months shy of her sixteenth birthday, Soleil decided to have a breast reduction to reduce the size of her large DD cup chest to a more manageable C cup on her 5’1”. She explained to People magazine that there were a number of factors affecting her decision, both physical and psychological.


    “I couldn’t sit up straight without people looking at me like I was a prostitute,” Soleil says. “My breasts became an insecurity.”


    Not only that, but despite being a young girl, she would get roles meant for older women because of the way her body looked. Her overly developed body also affected her body image when it came to dating.


    “No matter how much a guy cared for me, my breasts were a distraction,” Soleil shared.


    Still, Soleil didn’t take the decision to go under the knife lightly.


    “It was scary,” she says. “It was a time when I was confronting my fears about becoming a woman. I needed to be sure that I was doing this for myself—not for producers or boyfriends or my family. It takes a lot of courage.”


    Usually patients wait until they are at least 16 to ensure that development was complete. When Soleil went under the knife for breast reduction she was three months shy of 16.


    Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Zax performed the six hour procedure, which removed skin, nipples and tissue and then recontoured them into a more manageable 36C cup by positioning them and replacing the nipples. In the end, Soleil received 4,000 stitches and lots of bruising. Now, Soleil has scars on her breasts, but she can run and move as much as she wants. As a mother, Soleil can’t breastfeed but she certainly can keep up with her young kids.


    At the time, Soleil opened up about her plastic surgery, even making a video about her ordeal, to help other teens that might be going through the same thing.


    Nowadays, Soleil may be the youngest star to go under the knife, but others like child star Drew Barrymore, have also admitted to the procedure.