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  • Sons of Anarchy star Katey Sagal turned 60 this year but looks none the worse for the wear. It seems that along with her onscreen character, Gemma, Katey has some secrets of her own. Secrets to staying young that is. Katey looks so much like the way she did as Peggy Bundy on the hit show Married with Children that it’s hard to believe that plastic surgery isn’t at play, but it seems that Katey simply has other secrets that are doing a body good.

    So if Katey hasn’t been under the knife, what’s the secret to her seemingly eternal youth?

    “I take really good care of myself,” Katey told ABC News while attending the premiere of the upcoming FX series Fargo in New York City this week. “I don’t smoke and I don’t drink. I sleep a lot. I just think it’s an inside job too. I think it’s attitude, a lot of it’s attitude. I try to have a good one.”


    Smoking and drinking has been found to not only be bad for internal organs, but bad for the body’s largest organ, the skin as well. Smoking and drinking causes fine lines and wrinkles to occur at a younger age and the action of smoking promotes lines around the mouth. Getting plenty of sleep has also been found to prevent signs of aging. It is recommended that people sleep on their backs to prevent wrinkles caused by pillows pressed against the face as well as the dreaded old lady cleavage wrinkle between the breasts.


    Katey is currently working on the final season of Sons of Anarchy and says that these days, Gemma is more popular than Peggy.


    “Now, it’s more about Gemma,” she told Billboard toward the end of 2013. “I did used to get it all the time, but not so much anymore.”


    Before Katey revealed her beauty secrets, there was some speculation that the star had had a little plastic surgery between her most famous roles.


    Katey has always had very smooth skin and a strong facial structure, so it seems possible that she would use Botox to maintain her wrinkle free appearance. It also seemed possible that she had a tightening procedure, like a mid-facelift, however given the heavy makeup she wears as her character, makeup is just as likely the culprit.


    With aging, often comes heavy lids, and some older photos reveal a heavier droopy look, which may or may not indicate a conservative eyelid surgery, but it more likely depends on lighting and make-up to keep Katey’s eyelids looking young. Katey looks amazing for a woman her age and if she did have plastic surgery, she had great results as she looks completely natural.


    And if she hasn’t spent time under the knife, then she must also have good genes in addition to taking good care of herself.


    Despite the fact that her long running series is coming to an end, Katey says it hasn’t really sunk in yet.


    “I haven’t gotten sad, I’m sort of not in that yet,” she said. “I’m just not thinking about that. I suppose it will be sad. This one, I’m sure there will be sad moments, but it has been an amazing ride.”