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  • At 65, Stevie Nicks is still rocking. And she’s currently aging without the benefits of plastic surgery. But like drug addiction, Stevie does have some plastic surgery in her past.

    Stevie spent years on cocaine and eventually kicked the habit. Around the same time, she was on cocaine, she also got a breast augmentation, but once the white stuff was gone, she decided to ditch the breast implants as well.

    In an interview with People magazine, Stevie described her decision to remove her implants, which she opted to do even after doctors told her that the implants were safe and that it was unnecessary to remove them.


    “Like cocaine, the whole world was getting them back then, and everyone was told they were safe,” Stevie says. “But I’m living proof that they aren’t safe.”


    According to People, “several doctors advised that removing her implants would be painful and unnecessary, but Nicks had the surgery anyway in 1994.”


    “It turned out they were totally broken,” she says.


    Plastic surgeons also gave Stevie other advice as well, including kicking her drug habit if she wanted to keep her nose, telling her in 1986 “If you want your nose to remain on your face, stop right now.”


    Indeed cocaine addiction is notorious for distorting noses by wearing away at nasal tissue. It is thought that Kate Moss may have had a nose job after acquiring a deviated septum as a result of cocaine use. However, Kate may have continued to use, which collapsed her nasal passages on one side as her nose is unusually asymmetrical, especially for a supermodel.


    These days, Stevie is enjoying life and staying away from plastic surgery. Not only did she have her breast implants removed after a while, she more recently tried Botox but has since stopped after greatly disliking the results.


    “I had Botox and I hated it. For four long months, I looked like a different person. It almost brought down the whole production of the last tour. It was so bad, I would look into the mirror and burst into tears. Botox is becoming the new face of beauty and it’s unfortunate. Everybody has pointed eyebrows. Everybody looks related. All the Desperate Housewives look like sisters. If you’re an unattractive girl who’s trying to be beautiful with Botox, forget it. If you are a beautiful girl who’s trying to be beautiful with Botox, you will look like you’re angry all the time. You’d have to tie me down to get me to do it again.”


    In general, Stevie seems pretty set against plastic surgery and the results that it creates. As she seems pretty harsh in her criticism, it is possible that Stevie has only seen the results of poorly done plastic surgery and too much Botox, rather than when it is used carefully for a more natural result.


    “Oh my God, it’s getting worse!”


    “Botox makes everybody look like Satan’s children. You’d have to tie me down to get me to do it again.”