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  • Christy Turlington is busy with a lot of things as a wife, mother and the founder of Every Mother Counts, a campaign to end preventable deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth around the world. Still, every so often she still manages to squeeze in time to do a magazine cover or a fashion campaign. What is remarkable, is that despite being over 40, Christy looks much the same as she did when she first began her career, and her secret isn’t plastic surgery.

    Last year, Christy took some time out from her busy schedule to strip down for Calvin Klein’s Underwear campaign and spend time as the cover girl for Harper’s Bazaar. In the interview, the interviewer admired Christy’s ability to look so good for so long, but it seems that even supermodels have some flaws.

    For Christy, she says that her neck has become wrinkled, but she still isn’t think about going under the knife for a necklift or even a few Botox injections. Christy looks like she really is relying on ayurvedic products and yoga to stay beautiful. Christy has some small wrinkles and crow’s feet, which could benefit from Botox, but they look good on her otherwise smooth skin. And as many of her fellow models from the 90s, including Cindy Crawford, turn to Botox to stay looking youthful, Christy says she doesn’t mind being the last holdout.


    “Maybe there will be a time when you’re an oddball because you’re the only one left. I’d rather be the only one, the sole survivor. And in that case? I’ll just wear turtlenecks all year-round. [Photographer] Dan [Jackson] said to me, ‘When you smile you look like you’re 16.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah – and then there’s my neck.’”


    Although there are various treatments that can help with the appearance of an aging neck, including Botox to help with the “rings” and a necklift to tighten sagging and loose skin, Christy may not be interested in these procedures. She may consider laser treatments because they are non invasive and offer very natural looking results. Lasers can be used to help reduce the appearance of age spots as well as tighten the skin a little.


    Her neck isn’t the only thing that Christy is insecure about. Although she used to regularly model for Calvin Klein, with or without clothing, these days she wasn’t entirely confident about posing for the underwear campaign.


    She told the magazine, “you know, I’m 44-years-old, I’m not 14. I’m healthy, I haven’t done anything to myself, I exercise. But I’m not entirely comfortable with myself in underwear either. I love Calvin. He was a huge part of my career. He’d just married Kelly, and it was this whole new era. He told me when he asked to do the campaign, ‘If I weren’t married already, I would have asked you!’”


    Christy looks amazing and credits yoga with a lot of her positive energy. Combined with her full fitness regimen and healthy diet, Christy certainly looks to be doing a body good.