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  • Crystal Harris Hefner is Hugh Hefner’s latest wife. But before she took his name, she probably also took the name of the Playboy empire creator’s go-to plastic surgeon. You know, the guy he sends all the girls to so that they look the same? Before getting married officially, Crystal left Hugh in the lurch, but when they did finally make their vows for real on the second try, Crystal certainly walked down the aisle with more than a touch of something new. Hefner recently posted a Throwback Thursday photo of him and his current wife from when the two were just dating back in 2008. Not only were the two celebrating their first Christmas together, it looks like Crystal hadn’t yet had copious amounts of plastic surgery.

    87-year old Hugh Hefner is famous for liking a certain type of woman and Crystal certainly fits into that narrow field. At least, she does now with plastic surgery. Back in 2008, 27-year old Crystal Harris was a pretty girl but she wasn’t the glamorous plastic Playmate that we all recognize.

    Crystal and Hugh finally managed to make it down the aisle on December 31st, 2012, but before that it looks like Crystal spent a lot of her time at a plastic surgeon’s office. Not only does Crystal have large breast implants like any Playmate, she also has large lips, with a very defined ridge, indicating that she is using some type of filler to make them bigger, not just a temporary lip plumper.

    Back in the day, Makemeheal.com assumed that Crystal had undergone a nose job as well as breast augmentation and now it seems we have clearer proof. Crystal’s new nose has a perfect symmetrical shape and defined tip. Now we can see that Crystal’s old nose was narrow at the bridge, but had a slightly bulbous tip that has been replaced with a perfect ski slope shape. While Crystal isn’t unrecognizable, she is a lot more glamourous and refined looking. In addition to a new nose and larger lips, Crystal’s face shape looks a little different as well. Her old face was oval and long and now it appears to be shorter and more square. Crystal may have had small cheek implants placed to widen her face and plump her cheeks or she may have fillers regularly placed in her cheeks to help fill them out and balance her face. Bikini photos of Crystal reveal some rippling in her belly button area, an indication that she has had some liposuction.

    Crystal certainly looks more like the typical Playboy Playmate than she used to, but oddly enough having so much plastic surgery makes her look older than her 27 years. Not that there’s still not an obvious 60 year spread between herself and her husband though.

    While Hugh is obviously a fan of plastic surgery for his lovely ladies, he himself has also admitted to going under the knife once or twice himself. Over the years, Hugh has had a facelift as well as a necklift and he also admitted to getting dental implants as well.