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  • Newscaster Julie Chen has been under scrutiny for years for having had plastic surgery. On an episode of her show The Talk, Julie finally opened up about the plastic surgery rumors, admitting that she did have eyelid surgery after a producer and an agent told she looked “too Chinese” to move ahead in her career.

    On “secret week” where all the co-hosts spilled their secrets and answered some rumors, Julie revealed that she had plastic surgery when she was 25 years old. Then local news reporter at an ABC affiliate in Dayton, Ohio, Julie was looking to move ahead in her career when a producer told she would never be able to fill in at the anchor’s desk because she looked too Chinese. He reportedly also told her that having Asian eyes made her look “bored and disinterested” and unrelatable to the people of Dayton, which has a very small Asian population.

    Looking to get away from that producer, Julie met up with a big agent who told her the same thing—and that he would only represent her if she had blepharoplasty to make her eyes look bigger. After going under the knife for eyelid surgery, Julie’s career began to take off, although she says that she sometimes feels guilty for “giving in to the man.”

    Julie then finished her reveal by saying that she is proud to be Chinese and has no regrets about her plastic surgery.

    While Julie may have hoped that admitting to eyelid surgery would help to alleviate the plastic surgery rumors swirling around, they seem to have exacerbated them. After she said she had eyelid surgery, many people seemed to think she was still holding back some plastic surgery secrets, including having had a nose job. Julie says that the only surgery she has had was on her eyes and that her nose is the result of careful contouring with makeup, not a scalpel. She went on to deny even having dental veneers or braces and has not had fat sucked out of her face or cheek implants or a chin implant either.

    However, Julie does admit to considering having a nose job to correct what she describes as a “very meaty” nose. Julie says that she changed her mind after her grandmother told her not to change her nose because it is a happy nose, according to Chinese superstition.

    To explain why her appearance changes somewhat drastically from show to show, Julie says that sometimes her makeup  is a little overzealous with the heavy makeup and contouring, making her face appear to be different. Even the shape of Julie’s natural cupid’s bow mouth is altered with lipstick, having her makeup artist apply more to the outer edges and cutting down on the bow in the middle.

    Makeup is frequently used by those in the entertainment industry to change up their look. For example, Nicki Minaj has often said that she changes her makeup the same way she changes her wings, to alter her appearance without surgery.