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  • Tara Reid, the plastic surgery victim of a botched liposuction and boob job, showed off version 2.0 of her body over Christmas while soaking up in the sunshine of the celebrity meat market of St. Bart’s. Reid’s new bod is the result of plastic surgery touch ups of her previously botched procedures. Although her newly slender body and rail thin legs raised some eyebrows and got us wondering if she had any thigh and butt lipo work done along with the other surgery re-do’s, Tara looks decidely better than before, happier, and in a cheerful mood with her Santa Clause hat (left photo). On a less cheery note, the photo on the right and the one below shows that while her stomach is a vast improvement over the lumpy and dimply tummy she had after her first liposuction, it’s hard to undo these unsavory results of her botched procedure. As cruelly quoted from Jaunted.com, “it’s hard to fix a frankentummy.”
    Earlier this year, Reid admitted to having breast augmentation and liposuction done together at the same time. “It looked like I got completely butchered up. The areolas … they looked like goose-shaped eggs,” Reid said about her boob job. Of her liposuction, Reid said “my stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing.” Parading around in a bikini, Tara is obviously completely over her fears of showing her body and is happy about the touch-ups. The question on everyone’s mind now is if Tara will be getting wasted over the holiday or behave.

    Pic source: TMZ and Popsugar.

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