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  • Teen Mom reality star Jenelle Evans may finally be turning her life around. Jenelle has been arrested 10 times in the past three years for drug abuse and problems with relationships and her mother currently has custody of her four year old son. However, Jenelle is now pregnant with her second son and the first child with boyfriend Nathan Griffith and seems to be looking forward to the future. Along with sharing her pregnancy progress for her second try at motherhood, Jenelle has also shared her thoughts on plastic surgery and common beauty treatments such as hair extensions.

    Shortly after Teen Mom Farrah Abraham underwent her first breast augmentation, Jenelle Evans spent some time under the knife herself. Jenelle Tweeted that she went from a “B” to a “full C.”
Jenelle’s new look doesn’t come with out some pain from plastic surgery recovery. “I’m not going to lie,” she Tweeted Sunday. “My boobs are hurting so bad. I can’t stop crying.”
Prior to the procedure, Jenelle’s breasts were slightly asymmetrical and Jenelle may have been hoping that they balance out eventually.

    Apparently Jenelle’s results didn’t make her a fan of plastic surgery. While Farrah Abraham opted for a nose job and chin implant (which she eventually removed) and even upsized her first set of breast implants, Jenelle has been vocal about her distaste for plastic surgery.

    After Farrah went under the knife a second time, Jenelle Tweeted “Only 21 years old and went under 3 plastic surgeries already?!”—an apparent jab at Farrah. “That’s insane if you ask me!”

    And she also told a Twitter follower, “Hell no I wouldn’t do any other kind of form of plastic surgery forever.”

    It seems that other dyeing her hair, Jenelle really isn’t a fan of cosmetic enhancements in any form. When Jenelle underwent breast augmentation, she reportedly did in the hopes of attracting her ex, Gary Head. Now that Jenelle has moved on, it seems that she is no longer open to changing her look.

    For Jenelle, even hair extensions are off limits.

    She recently Tweeted, “I’m sorry… Extensions are sooo fake. I rather have long, beautiful, natural hair. I’m so blessed to have thick hair too!”

    While Jenelle does have great hair, she is continually changing it up. Usually going with shades of red, Jenelle has had blonde streaks and currently looks to be sporting a pretty dark shade of brunette. And before getting locked up, she frequently had feathers in her hair.

    It is unclear why Jenelle would feel so strongly that hair extensions are so wrong, especially while acknowledging how lucky she is to have super thick hair that grows. Many women are not so fortunate and so use hair extensions to help fill in their hair and make it feel and appear thicker. It is also possible to use products and take supplements to help enhance hair growth and make hair thicker, shinier and healthier.

    In the meantime, Jenelle is looking forward to the arrival of her second boy.