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  • It seems that the former stars of MTV’s popular Teen Mom reality show series have more in common than just being teen moms. They also have a love of plastic surgery in common. Whether it is because of an effort to stay relevant after their season ends or because of a want to restore or enhance their figures, it seems that many of MTV’s Teen Moms undergo breast augmentation after leaving the show and showing off the results via social media. Teen Mom Nikkole Paulun is the latest Teen Mom to have breast implants placed.

    Nikkole Paulun managed to stir up the wrath of the internet even more than usual when she apparently faked a pregnancy and consequent stillbirth, a story which she apparently sold for $2,500. Apparently $2,500 was exactly half the amount Nikkole needed for a breast augmentation procedure, because her mother was willing to pay for the other half. After posting pictures of herself with much impressive cleavage and igniting rumors of breast augmentation, Nikkole finally came clean about her new breast implants.

    As a blogger for Sulia, where she dishes and disses on the other Teen Moms, Nikkole revealed all the deets behind her own new set of breast implants. Rather than a traditional breast augmentation and plastic surgery recovery, Nikkole opted for an “endobam” procedure.

    WetPaint says that endobam procedures are known as scarless breast implant surgeries because silicone implants are placed through the bellybutton, so there are no scars or flaws on the breasts and very little need for plastic surgery recovery products. In fact, Nikkole says that right after surgery she was able to have breakfast at Denny’s, her breasts felt heavy but not unbearable and that her only pain was in her bellybutton but that pain meds were taking the edge off.

    Although Nikkole hasn’t fully shown her before and after results, she does say that she didn’t go crazy with the size, like her fellow Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham. Instead, she reveals that her breasts are now a C-cup and proportionate to her body.

    And to avoid speculation as to how she managed to pay for her breast implants, Nikkole says that she used her savings. Nikkole says she works offline in a party store in addition to her blogger job and so was able to save enough funds to undergo the procedure on her own dime, without tabloid money as many have speculated.

    While Nikkole may be the first to reveal her own breast implants, she is far from the first Teen Mom star to go under the knife. Farrah Abraham first got implants to help her dream of being a model. She later had a nose job and chin implant placed as well, but didn’t stop there. Farrah later decided to upgrade her breast implants so that they were super huge and then had her chin implant removed and received lip fillers. Jenelle Evans also received implants, but her plastic surgery was overshadowed by her troubled personal life, which included spending time in jail due to drug use.