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  • Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice  is headed for prison, but she isn’t letting spending time behind bars interrupt her usual beauty routine—or her Botox injections.

    Since her sentencing in September, Teresa Giudice is apparently still getting minor plastic surgery procedures like Botox injections on a regular basis, according to a RadarOnline.com source.

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    “She gets Botox on a regular basis,” a source close to Giudice exclusively told RadarOnline.com. “She gets Restylane on a regular basis. She gets a skin resurfacing laser and she gets laser hair removal on her forehead.”


    “She went in June,” the source said. “She is getting ready to go. She is due to go.”


    And although funds are likely a little tight due to lawyer’s fees and whatnot, Teresa is splashing out big bucks to keep her beauty regimen on track. The source dished on exactly how much the treatments, which range from lasers to fillers to Botox, cost as well as how often Teresa gets the procedures done.


    “She’s spending nearly $5,000 on cosmetic procedures every three to four months,” the source said.


    “The Botox is every three months and Restylane is every seven months. Hair removal is more often.”


    “She was going once a week for the skin laser,” the source continued. “The laser retightens your skin and resurfaces because of all the sun that she gets. She messed up her skin. When you lay out in the sun, you’re skin gets thick on top. Her skin is very thick. She tries to get rid of that thickness.“


    “Teresa pays around $1,000 for her Botox with all the places she gets it done,” the source said. “She pays $1,500 for Restylane. The skin resurfacing is pricey too. It’s around a $1,000 at the least. And the laser hair removal is about $1,000.”


    While the price tags are definitely hefty, the reality star’s crisis manager Wendy Feldman says that Teresa sometimes gets the various treatments done for free.


    However, according to the source, free treatments are few and far between and Teresa isn’t happy when she sees a bill.


    “She’s actually paying for the treatments and wasn’t too thrilled with the bill either,” the source said. “She thinks she should get everything for free.”


    And apparently Teresa was in denial about being sent to prison right up until the moment of her sentencing.


    “She’s getting touched up because she thinks she’s a beauty queen,” the source said. “She is still posing on the beach in all different bikinis while people are out working.”


    “If you watch her Instagram, she thinks she is a beauty queen,” the source added.


    In the past, Teresa also had a breast augmentation and revealed that she felt much more confident about her body after the procedure.


    Teresa isn’t the only star that has headed to prison with plastic surgery. Actress Lindsay Lohan is thought to have had lip augmentation shortly before heading off for a stint in a California prison. generic Viagra how to buy Plan B
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