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  • Ivanka Trump, the 25-year-old daughter of comb-over The Donald, gave her old boobs the official “You’re Fired”, opting for a new set of breast implants that rival the Trump Towers.

    It appears that Ivanka has been boosted from a AA-cup to a large C or small D-cup breasts.  While some people like the buxom look, others find the new assetes on Ivanka to be far too large for her frame and have cynically referred to Ivanka’s implants as “bolt-ons”.

    Ivanka Trump was quoted saying she’s not part of the rich girl brat pack. “Just being lumped into that heiress category is somewhat annoying,” she said, adding “I work my (butt) off.” Her implants are the fruits of her hard earned sweat labor. Trump said that while she knows Paris Hilton, they “don’t hang out” and have nothing in common other than coming from wealthy parents. Maybe that’s why she got her implants, so people can differentiate her from Paris.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgeyr profile of Ivanka Trump on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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