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  • Back in 2012, “Human Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova captured the interest of the Internet by posting photos of herself looking more plastic than human. With eyes that appear to be larger than life and a waist so tiny that it seems like it wouldn’t support a full grown human being, Lukyanova drew a lot of controversy, especially with her claims of being natural, not the product of overmuch plastic surgery.

    Throughout 2013, it seems that Lukyanova has continued to create controversy, with many feeling that her makeup artistry creates unrealistic expectations of how the female body should look. Lukyanova did eventually admit to a few nips and tucks, including breast augmentation and a nose job, but maintains that much of her appearance is the result of makeup and her belief system. This year, it is her beliefs that are creating interest, according to Yahoo! Shine.

    As there seems to be an overall movement toward representing women in the media with “real” bodies of all shapes and sizes, Lukyanova’s insistence on modeling her looks after cartoonish dolls seems to be a step backward for many. There are a couple of other issues that she has come up with as well:

    Lukyanova has said that she is a New Age guru, but this year she upped the ante when she revealed that she regularly time travels and communicates with aliens via light.

    In an interview, Lukyanova has revealed that she is married to someone she has known for 10 years and is a friend of her father’s, but she fails to mention whether or not this being is human.

    While you might think that Lukyanova was destined to meet up with the Human Ken doll, Justin Jedlica, she apparently wasn’t so impressed with her male counterpart. Jedlica has freely admitted to undergoing over 90 procedures to transform himself into the “perfect” male specimen, but Lukyanova has maintained that plastic surgery plays a very small role in her appearance. She says that her looks are the results of makeup application combined with diet and exercise and colored contacts. Even after admitting to breast augmentation and nose job, Lukyanova says that photos of her looking more human were photoshopped.

    Apparently when she isn’t busy applying makeup for photo shoots, she spends weeks at a time scaling the Himalayas as a professional magazine climber. Granted, she gave the interview to English language, V magazine, so possibly something got lost in the translation?

    Lukyanova first rose to fame because of her YouTube videos, which were mainly makeup tutorials and bizarre videos of her posing as stiff and doll-like as possible. Now, Lukyanova has apparently added singing to her repertoire of talent, to very mixed reviews. While some have said she sings like a “siren,” others have compared her vocal stylings to that of “dolphins mating.”

    Food is too much for her. In yet another odd reveal, Lukyanova has revealed that she isn’t hungry these days and hopes that it is a step closer to her being able to subsist on air and light alone.