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  • Ryan Gosling is currently one of the hottest working actors. Like many stars, he is frequently at the heart of plastic surgery rumors as it seems unbelievable that such a good-looking guy could naturally exist. In fact, The Notebook star has even inspired men to go under the knife, just so that they can look like him. Yet some suspect that the star of violent and troubling films has had a nose job since his early days dancing on the Disney channel.

    It is hard to tell if Ryan has had a nose job or simply, grown into his nose. Photos of Ryan through the ages seem to indicate that a rhinoplasty has indeed taken place. In the past, Makemeheal.com reported that compared to older photos, Ryan’s nose looks a little shorter and the bridge seems to have narrowed, when compared with photos that show Ryan with a long nose and wide bridge, which make his face appear to be longer too.  As a kid, Ryan seemed a little geeky looking and his new nose shows what a hottie was hiding behind that shnoz.

    Still, the debate has recently ignited with fans weighing in on both sides and saying that if he did have a nose job, it was so slight as to be nearly unperceivable, with others saying that it is a completely different nose and quite obvious.

    If Ryan did have a nose job in the past, it was between his awkward teenage years and his successful adult career that has landed him everywhere from tabloid to awards lists.

    Ryan isn’t the only former Disney talent to be rumored to have a nose job. Over the years many former Disney stars look to have had slight nose jobs to enhance their careers.

    Zac Efron is thought to have had slight rhinoplasty somewhere between the success of the first High School Musical and the sequels. Zac’s onscreen and then-offscreen love, Vanessa Hudgens is also rumored to have had a nose job to help narrow her wide nose. The ex-couple’s fellow costar Ashley Tisdale openly admitted to having a nose job, although she blamed her procedure on necessity, as she claimed to have a deviated septum. More recently, Ashley has been accused of getting lip injections that have created “duck lips.”

    And while Britney Spears is frequently accused of having breast implants placed and replaced and upsized and downsized, she was at one time Ryan’s costar on the kid-friendly channel and is also thought to have had a nose job to slightly narrow the shape of her nose.

    Former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon has become better known as the one-time girlfriend of Rob Kardashian, but the former Disney star is also rumored to have had everything from breast implants to facial fillers in an effort to launch a more grown up career.

    And more recent Disney divas, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez have been rumored to have undergone breast augmentation once they turned of age and began showing off their newly developed bodies.