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  • New Wonderbar spokesmodel Jestina Campbell has opened up about how she fills out the miraculous bust-boosting bras and it turns out, that the secret isn’t in the construction, it’s in the surgery. Jestina underwent breast augmentation as a teen, a procedure she now says she regrets.

    Australian model and former Miss Universe Jestina Campbell is only 21. But she says that she already regrets the breast augmentation she had as a teen, to take her AA cup to a B cup.

    The revelation about her plastic surgery came as Jestina was announced as the new model for Wonderbra.

    Jestina regrets her decision to have breast implants and says that young women who wish they were better endowed should be happy with what they have.

    According to a spokesperson for Hanes, who owns the Wonderbra brand, the company didn’t even notice that Jestina had breast implants. Apparently the model came out with the news after she signed a contract. Not that it matters.

    The spokesperson says that even with the knowledge that Jestina had undergone breast augmentation, they still wanted her to represent the brand because, “We wanted to launch with someone who had the attributes of the brand – intelligent, confident and fun – and Jesinta was the perfect fit for it.”

    The fact that Jestina’s breast augmentation allows her to perfectly fit the standard size Wonderbra used for the ad campaign probably didn’t hurt either.

    For her part, Jestina is proud to be a Wonderbra model. She explains that she does a lot of charity work to help encourage and empower young women and feels that Wonderbra has similar goals. The boost to her career probably helped make the decision a little easier as well.

    These days, Jestina says that if she had it to do over, she would use a push up bra to enhance her bust, not plastic surgery.

    If women want to learn from Jestina’s “mistakes,” they can do a lot of non-surgical things to enhance cleavage.

    A Wonderbra can provide a great boost and the Wonderbra Uprising Convertible Push-Up Underwire Bra model is a great option for wearing under formal strapless gowns and still having great cleavage.

    If you want to wear your favorite bra, you can consider boosting it’s power with Disulfiram online bra inserts. You can even swim in some versions that are designed to fit into even teeny, weeny triangle-top bikinis and stay in place, like Phenergan online Paxil online Bubbles’ Triangle-shaped push-up pads.

    Another great way to fake cleavage for formal occasions is to use a little bronzer on the décolletage to create a shadow effect. Bronzer and a how-to tutorial from the Web, especially when combined with a push-up bra or padding can help you look and feel your best. The makeup also helps to conceal any blemishes and is a popular trick with actresses and stars—especially the ones that seem to have a bra size that fluctuates overnight.

    Jestina’s confession seems like it will help women better understand why they don’t have the same amazing effects from push-up bras. Sometimes the secret isn’t in the padding at all.
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