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  • Tiny is busy promoting her family reality show, Vh1′s “The Family Hustle,” which she stars in with her rapper husband T.I. all by herself. Between answering questions about the state of her marriage, Tiny also opened up about something else that has been worrying fans: plastic surgery.

    Tameka Cottle may be Tiny’s given name, but she has become better known for her nickname, likely derived from her petite size. Tiny was first introduced to the public back in 1992, when she was a part of the platinum record selling group, Xscape. Since then, Tiny has been through a lot in her personal and professional career, but her body has made some drastic physical changes over the years, which have not gone unnoticed by her fans. On such a small frame, plastic surgery is sure to be noticeable and the rumors have grown as Tiny’s fame increases.

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    While Tiny used to have tiny breasts, they seem to have grown considerably over the years, indicating a breast augmentation. Breast implants on a small frame tend to be obvious, but Tiny looks like she wanted her breast implants to be anything but tiny. Whether showcasing her cleavage or wearing a more covered but still fitted outfit, Tiny’s breasts take center stage.


    Tiny has also been thought to have undergone a buttocks augmentation, either using fat from her own body, like Kim Kardashian, or with buttocks implants.


    Until recently, Tiny had never bothered to address the plastic surgery rumors that swirl around. But in a press tour for the family reality show, Tiny admitted her various procedures to both Wendy Williams and Bossip.


    Wendy Williams asked how she comes by her curves and whether or not they are natural paid for.


    Tiny responded, “It’s….it’s a little of both.”


    “No, they’re bought but yeah, I’ve always had a lot of boobs. After three babies, they sag,” she said.


    However, Tiny did say that her nose is all natural.


    In addition to having breast and buttocks augmentation, many fans think that Tiny’s face is looking different as well, not just the results of growing older over time, which has led to rumors of a nose job. While Tiny shut down the nose surgery rumors, she did discuss fillers in an interview with Bossip.


    When asked if she had done any plastic surgery, Tiny admits to having some “injections in my lips. But that’s Juvederm, it goes away.”


    She also went on to say that she used to think about having a nose job, but she’s reluctant because it’s like her dad’s nose and says that she has largely come to terms with her nose and accepts it.


    Given that Tiny has been reluctant to admit to plastic surgery in the past, it is possible that she was inspired to come out about her various procedures because of the recent revelations of her friend and sometime co-star Shenikah Jo. In a video interview with Bossip, Shekinah Jo showed off a new body, which came courtesy of liposuction to get rid of some belly fat, which was then placed in her rear end, to boost it’s size and shape.

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