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  • GQ magazine just released its first ever Age-issue and who better to front the cover than Tom Selleck? The Magnum P.I. star looks almost the same as he did when he rose to fame back in the 1980s, and in the accompanying interview, he talks about how he stays so darn good looking.

    69-year old Tom Selleck was chosen as one of five “modern gentlemen” to discuss how live well. In the interview, Tom talks about everything from his famous mustache to his thoughts on Homer Simpson, with some good advice and plastic surgery opinion in between.


    Speaking about his mustache, Tom says that for men looking to grow one, you either got it, or you don’t. And in case you were wondering, he doesn’t have a name for it, but he doesn’t mind being dubbed the “godfather” of the mustache as the facial seems to be making a comeback these days.


    “Go through puberty. Very important,” Tom joked. And if you still can’t grow one after that, you may be out of luck. “Ashton Kutcher told me…’I can’t grow one,’” the actor recalled. “Part of that’s genetic. You either got it or you don’t.”


    And although he is known for his natural rugged good looks, Tom says that while he hasn’t spent any time under the knife so far, he isn’t opposed to getting a little “help” in the future. As long as the results are good and don’t interfere with his ability to work.


    “I’ve never done it. That’s not to say I won’t,” the Jesse Stone star told the mag of plastic surgery. “I don’t have a problem with it as long as it’s not just vanity…I don’t have anything really against it, if I can look at it as a tool and not a kind of narcissistic manifestation of vanity, which it probably is anyway; but I do think there’s a difference between that kind of vanity and your work,” he said. “If it allows you to do your job and be accepted in a larger variety of things, I think it’s okay.”


    Tom may be more familiar with plastic surgery than he lets on, even if it is not personally. Commentators have noted that although Tom has remained natural, his wife of 27 years looks to have spent time under the knife and looks almost as young as the couple’s daughter—who may have also had some plastic surgery.


    Jillie, his wife looks to get Botox injections and may have also had a nose job during the course of the marriage. His daughter, a professional horse jumper, may have gotten lip fillers, which seem to be popular in younger celebrities.


    As Tom isn’t opposed to men going under the knife, despite many fearing it can feminize the appearance of even the manliest dudes, it is likely that he takes care of his skin by using an exfoliating device that can penetrate his skin and clear his pores to help prevent signs of aging. And he probably wears sunscreen on a daily basis on his avocado ranch.