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  • Britney Spears, CrotchTop plastic surgeon Dr. Brad Jacobs has made the generous offer today to restore Britney Spear’s famous 6-pack midriff with a free tummy tuck (normally $15,000). Having seen recent graphic photos of Spears’s wild night with Paris Hilton showing her booty, crotch, and abdomen, Dr. Jacobs detected unappealing signs of her C-section experience, motherhood, and the toll of not working out. Jacobs said that in a photo of Spears getting out of a car (while in the company of Paris) with no underwear, “everyone was looking somewhere else, but I saw the scar from her C-section.” Jacobs said that a C-section weakens the stomach muscles because they get cut and causes one to lose their muscle tone.

    A long time fan of the pop star, Dr. Jacobs wrote in a letter the following compassionate plea:

    “As a long-time fan of you and your music, your videos revealing your six-pack abs may just be as world famous as Frank Sinatra’s blue eyes. Unfortunately childbearing and motherhood can rob you of those assets…or at least play havoc with them. I’d like to give “sexy” back to you…and everyone else…so we can all enjoy the old Britney, again.”

    Jacobs also writes in his letter “You made worldwide headlines, last week, as a global audience had the chance to view a lot more than your night on the town with Paris Hilton. While those pictures have become an internet phenomenon, my trained surgeon’s eye uncovered the enduring effects of your recent C-section birthing experience. Therefore, as one of your devoted fans who happens to be a leading plastic surgeon, I’d like to give you a Holiday present – a tummy tuck that will restore your midriff to it’s previous muscle tone and firmness.”

    Jacobs has performed cosmetic procedures on more than 200 Playboy bunnies, 4 of which have been Playmates of The Month.

    Read the original Plastic Surgeon Letter To Britney Spears.

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