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  • Life is rough right now for Tori Spelling. From a fairytale upbringing in Candyland to becoming a reality star, Tori Spelling has been though every stage of Hollywood. Lately though she has been going through a major rough patch in a rocky marriage and suffered some health problems that have had her in and out of the hospital. And her newest issue is dealing with “expired” breast implants.

    On an episode of Tori’s latest reality series, True Tori, Tori reveals that her breast implants have gotten old and need replacing. According to Tori, she visited a plastic surgeon who says that she has stage-3 hardening, and “it’s almost as bad as it could get.” Tori says she should have replaced her breast implants 15 years ago, but she doesn’t want to be less attractive to her husband, Dean. Here’s a look at the conversation that ensues when Tori tells Dean she may need to remove her breast implants:

    Tori: “How are you going to feel about me having flaps there?”

    Dean: “I’m all for taking a boob break. Your body needs a break.”

    Tori: “Why don’t we put them in a glass dome and I could that on a wall next to my first bouquet from my marriage?”

    Dean: “Things are expired, going to recall.”

    Tori: “My boobs. They’re expired and recalled.”


    Later, in a one-on-one with Tori and the camera, Tori says she wouldn’t have gotten a breast augmentation in the first place if she had known how much trouble they would be later.


    “If someone had said to me when I was 20 years old, ”by the way, every 10 to 15 years you’re going to need to get these suckers replaced” I wouldn’t have done it. I have the biggest fear of going under for surgery. I’m so scared of being put to sleep. Now I’m all riled up, I just want to stick a knife in there and cut them out myself.”


    Celebitchy points out that Tori’s math is likely a little off. She originally had the implants placed at age 20 and is now 41, so she probably didn’t need them replaced 15 years ago, but they are now certainly overdue.


    Tori’s breast augmentation has drawn concern for a number of years. Her cleavage is very bizarre looking, with her chest appearing concave in some areas while her breasts are very rippled, leading to a somewhat frightening looking décolletage area.


    In fact, Tori’s situation is similar to another reality star, Janice Dickinson. On the first season of Botched, Janice shared her story with plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif help patients who have been under the knife for plastic surgery with less than pleasing results.


    59-year old Janice Dickinson sought help from the doctors after receiving comments about the rippling on her breast implants. While many thought that the rippling was caused by Janice having over the muscle implants and not enough tissue to cover it, it turns out that much of the problem was caused by the age of the implants. Although it is recommended that breast implants are replaced every 10-15 years, Janice’s implants were around 30 years old and should have been replaced at least twice over the years.


    Maybe Tori’s next gig should be on Botched?