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  • 32-year old Chloe Sims has been sporting hair extensions since she was 25. She has also had plastic surgery more than a few times, including having breast implants placed twice and a butt lift, not to mention having Botox injections to help soften her jaw line as well as lip fillers. So it was with some surprise that the reality star and former Playboy bunny decided to give up her Botox injections and hair extensions to show off her natural beauty. Or as a natural as the TOWIE star gets.

    Wearing minimal makeup and lighter locks that didn’t have the heavy weight of extensions, Chloe said that she actually liked her new look.

    “I really like it! I’ll admit I was nervous but I’ve been thinking of cutting my hair for a while. My dark hair and eyebrows looked quite harsh, so I lightened my hair to soften it.”


    In an interview Chloe dished that she liked her make-under so much that she was considering appearing on TOWIE without getting Botox injections for the season.


    “Then I thought: “Let’s do a series of TOWIE with no Botox so everyone can see what I really look like.”


    “There’s not much difference in it – I just have a bit more movement in my forehead. I wondered if the snide comments that people make would stop, but they didn’t really.”


    Chloe is referring to the Botox injections she got in response to people who criticized her strong jaw. Rather than ignoring rude comments, Chloe tried to make herself more attractive by getting Botox injections on her jawline.


    While Chloe may be laying off on Botox, she says that her boyfriend, Elliott Wright, has used the injectable.


    According to Chloe, Elliott uses Botox as a way to look better on camera even though his girlfriend doesn’t approve of the results that Botox have on men.


    She explains, “He’s had a little bit. Botox isn’t that attractive in men, but I can understand it – Elliott was new to television and you do start looking at your features and wondering what to change, but I’ve told him not to ever have it again.”


    “I’d rather have a man with character in his face rather than date a pretty boy with cosmetic surgery. While he’s with me he won’t be having any more of those things done.”


    It sounds as though Chloe may be giving up on plastic surgery after years of procedures that haven’t made the mother of one any happier.


    In the past, Chloe has revealed that she has always been insecure about her face, although she loves the results of her breast augmentation and buttocks lift. Comments about Chloe being ugly actually made her turn to Botox injections to help soften her look although she has adamantly denied having any invasive procedures, including a facelift, done.


    “I’ve always been insecure about my face, but reading that you’re ugly just makes it worse.”