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  • The Only Way is Essex star Lauren Goodger may feel that her appearance has improved since going under the knife. But her mother isn’t a fan. In fact, Cheryl Goodger has reportedly gone so far as to say that her daughter has actually “lost her looks” through plastic surgery.

    Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has admitted to being insecure about her looks, despite sharing frequent selfies with fans. In a recent interview, Lauren’s mom, Cheryl, shoulders some of the blame for her daughter’s low self-esteem.

    “[Her insecurities stem from] when she went to live with her dad at four. I was very depressed after I had Lauren. I didn’t get any help and I sort of rejected Lauren because of that,” she admitted.


    Cheryl goes on to say that she isn’t happy about her daughter’s plastic surgery, saying that she has ruined her looks. Although she is fine with Cheryl’s nose job, she doesn’t like her other procedures, including lip augmentation.


    “She was so pretty. I’m not against her having her nose done. But I don’t like the big lips. I wish she’d stop,” she added.


    I’m not against her having her nose done though. But she really didn’t need a boob job.”


    “People think she’s self-obsessed and she loves herself, but she doesn’t,” Cheryl said.


    In the past, Lauren has admitted to yo-yo dieting because she is never happy about her weight. Her big sister Nicole acknowledged Lauren’s figure in another interview.


    She told New: “It’s on her mind 24/7. Sometimes I think she doesn’t wear the right clothes for her figure but I don’t think she necessarily needs to lose weight.”


    “She’s a curvaceous woman – she’s got a curvy figure but sometimes she could wear clothes to suit her figure better than she does.”


    After her breast augmentation, Lauren lost no time in showing off her new bust in selfies with captions such as “is exactly what the doctor ordered ☀️”


    She also explained her desire for a breast augmentation was the result of frequent weight gain and loss.


    “I’ve always had big boobs and where I’ve done extreme yo-yo dieting, exercise and then not doing anything at all, I felt like my chest had lost a bit of volume on the top.”



    ‘They’re very similar to my old boobs but they’ve got more volume rather than them flopping down a bit.”


    In the past, Lauren has also confessed to having a nose job, a procedure that is said to have totaled around $6,500, according to tabloids. Lauren had a small bump removed from her nose so that her new nose is more symmetrical and pleasing from all angles—important for somebody who loves having their picture taken.


    In addition to the nose job, Lauren also gets fillers placed in her lips at local clinic, a procedure that is referred to as a “gloss and go.”


    Lauren is currently part of the Celebrity Big Brother cast, a move her mother does approve of.