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  • Apparently there’s no such thing as too close for some twins. The New York Post reports that a set of fraternal twins in Australia does everything together, from sharing a boyfriend to having plastic surgery in order to look even more alike, in order to be completely identical-looking.

    28-year olds Anna and Lucy DeCinque have spent more than $200,000 on plastic surgery to appear even more alike. Together, they have undergone countless cosmetic surgery procedures including breast implants, lip enhancements and tattooed eyebrows.

    The plastic surgery worked, as the duo is eerily identical. However, they clearly weren’t going for a natural look as the super tanned twins appear to nearly cartoonish in their enhancements. Their breast implants are so large that they look painful, as do their very full lips, which are so full and distorted that they almost look stuck on. Even their eyelashes are full and fake. Apparently they used to work at the same eyelash extension place before moving to their current position. In addition, the twins probably also get Botox injections in their foreheads and between their brows as their forehead regions are very smooth and shiny. They may also use fillers in their cheeks to achieve the same shaped face.


    In addition, they also undergo weekly skin peels and infrared sauna treatments, and have identical diets and exercise routines. Many have commented that having so much work has made the unusual pair look older than their 28 years.


    An obsession with themselves isn’t all they share. At the moment, they are also sharing a boyfriend, who also happens to be a twin.


    “We’re dating one boy at the moment,” said Anna DeCinque.


    “There are three people in our relationship. We’re sharing.”


    “It’s not really weird to us,” added Lucy. “We have one boyfriend and all of us share the same bed … We have the same taste in everything, so obviously we’re going to like the same boy, too.”


    “We’re all together when we have sex, and if we like the same guy, so be it.”


    The twins were once enrolled in beauty school, but have since dropped and now serve meals to the elderly, sharing a paycheck and splitting shifts.


    The money they earn goes to their self-indulgence, including clothing and makeup. The duo even share the same taste in clothes, tiny, snug fitting miniskirts and sky high stilettos.


    “We like looking after ourselves, what girl doesn’t?” said Anna.


    Lucy added: “We never wear the same outfit twice when we go out.”


    “Everything has to be new.”


    “When we go out, we get so many guys saying they want to marry the both of us or date the both of us,” boasted Anna.

    “We can’t imagine a day when we’re not in each other’s company,’’ added Lucy.


    “And, to be honest, I don’t think that would ever happen.”


    Currently, the two reside at home, sharing not only a room, but also a double bed. They also share a phone, a car, a job and a Facebook account.