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  • Supermodel turned entrepreneur Tyra Banks has never actually admitted to having plastic surgery, but most fans suspect that she’s had some nips and tucks over the years. However, Tyra has always said that she is fine with plastic surgery in general. Now it seems that the creator of the Top Model franchise even has a vision of what plastic surgery will be like in the future.

    40-year old Tyra Banks generally counts herself amongst natural beauties, but there has been a lot of speculation over the years that the serial entrepreneur has had some work done, including a nose job at a very young age. Early photos of Tyra before her modeling career show a much wider nose, while later photos show the slimmer nose that has been on magazine covers around the world.

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    However, Tyra has always said that plastic surgery is a great option for those who want it and doesn’t understand why others would judge someone for going under the knife.


    In a new op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Tyra expanded on her thoughts of how standards of beauty will be different in the future and that plastic surgery will be more common and readily available.


    According to Tyra, looking unique will be a valuable commodity in the future and had some other interesting thoughts as well:


    Plastic surgery will be as easy and quick as going to the drugstore for Tylenol. misoprostol no prescription Emphasis will be on how unique and interesting one can look, as opposed to a cookie-cutter look. People will be vying for that cutting-edge, distinct look in the way that today celebs reach for baby names that defy convention.


    Order Disulfiram online Cialis super active online Buy Viagra There will be no hair extensions. If one wants longer locks, a hair-growing serum is applied to the scalp, and the length and thickness of the hair will increase in 24 hours. The popular hair texture of choice will be curly.


    For those who choose not to go for plastic surgery, beauty ingestibles (active waters, etc.) will give instant, yet temporary results: contoured cheekbones, rosy cheeks, arched eyebrows. However, one must use them repeatedly to maintain results.


    Tyra appears to be looking well into the future as she also says that women will be able to delay child bearing until the age of 120, which is far past the current average lifespan. In addition, she says that everyone will also have a robotic assistant and that models will be extinct.


    Although she no longer walks runways or has a daily talk show on which to voice her opinion, Tyra remains a fixture in the beauty industry and while she may never confess to having had plastic surgery herself, she is in good company with other models of her ilk.


    Models frequently undergo nose jobs and breast augmentations but very few admit to it. Older models that still look great, including some of Tyra’s predecessors like Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson and Christie Brinkley rarely admit to using anti aging treatments such as Botox.


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