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  • Earlier in the week, Valerie Bertinelli was at the 27th Central California Women’s Conference, where the actress and former addict discussed things that concern women, including her publicized weight loss and plastic surgery.

    The 54-year old Hot in Cleveland star was a keynote speaker on the event. This year’s theme was “Nurture You” and Valerie Bertinelli gave information on how to do that and her own personal struggles.

    In the past, Valerie admitted that she has struggled with abusing food by eating too much and also overcame a cocaine addiction in her younger days. She also discussed her much publicized weight loss a few years ago and how she felt “guilty” and uncomfortable when she gained back some of the weight.


    Earlier in the year, Valerie admitted to feeling bad about gaining weight when she broke her foot and couldn’t work out for a while.


    “And then I thought, ‘Wait a minute. I broke my foot. Why do I feel so much shame?’ We need to take the shame out of it. We all need to give each other a break, especially women. Let’s leave each other alone.”


    At the event, Valerie admitted that losing her addiction for food was harder than fighting her addiction to cocaine.


    “I used food as a crutch, and I abused food in a way that I shouldn’t have,” she said. “[Drugs] wreaked havoc on [my body], because one day I’m eating a healthy meal and the next day I’m just putting a bunch of white powder up my nose.”


    “I think more women need to be nice to each other,” said Valerie, at the event. “We have bad examples on television of the ‘Real Housewives’ of whatever town they’re in. I would never want to have those people as friends. I want someone who supports me and backs me up and loves me.”


    When the crowd was able to ask questions, Valerie took one about whether or not she has had plastic surgery. The actress said that she was apprehensive about procedures, but didn’t want to rule out going under the knife or needle down the line.


    “Needles in the face and cutting is scary,” she said. “Never say never, but not yet.”


    Back in 2009, Valerie lost almost 50 pounds with the help of the Jenny Craig program. She celebrated her success by appearing in a bikini in a series of commercials that chronicled her progress. Some thought that her new look meant that she would turn to plastic surgery to ensure that her face matched her body.


    However, Valerie looks like she is aging naturally and that losing weight also helped her appear younger, without needing Botox. Even if she has gained back some weight, Valerie looks like she is still eating right and living a happy life, so her frown lines aren’t visible with a smile.


    If Valerie did decide to enhance her naturally youthful appearance, she would likely start with just a touch of Botox or maybe opt for a blepharoplasty to improve her heavy eyelids, like costar Betty White.