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  • Vicky Pattison of the popular UK reality show Geordie Shore lost weight the old fashioned way: with diet and exercise. But that doesn’t mean that the reality show celebrity plans to do everything the hard way. She shares that she just may get breast implants to boost her recently downsized bust.

    In an exclusive chat with OK! Online, the reality TV star shares: “Since I’ve lost all of my weight one of the downfalls is my boobs are now c***!”

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    “I’m not complaining as I love my new body and rather than emphasize my boobs I’ve discovered l can quite happily not wear a bra and wear backless tops because that’s a really nice area to show off,” the 25-year-old explains.


    And although she doesn’t seem to have any immediate plans for plastic surgery, she isn’t opposed to going under the knife either.


    When asked about her feelings regarding plastic surgery, Vicky coyly shared, “Never say never.”


    She then added, “It’s definitely something I would consider. I am thinking about it at the moment, but it’s not a decision I’m going to take lightly.”


    And although she may not have plans set in stone, she is already checking out other celebrity racks for inspiration.


    “Michelle Keegan has lovely boobs –  she’s incredible and definitely my boob envy!”


    The tanned star lost 42 pounds thanks to diet and exercise and dropped from a size 16 down to a size 6. Now, Vicky probably is experiencing not only a loss in breast volume but also some sagging as well, as her body adjusts to its new size.


    If Vicky is experiencing sagging, she may also want to undergo a breast lift to help restore her breasts to up where they used to be. Breast implants also sag and if she loses more weight then they may sag as well. Most likely it would be best for Vicky to find a weight that is easy for her to maintain before heading under the knife. Vicky has transformed herself and also launched a highly successful line of fitness DVDs based on her weight loss plan. In fact, her successful weight loss and healthy routine has even inspired her castmates to ditch poor diets and eat better.


    Now she is not only starring in fitness DVDs, but has also teamed up with Honey Boutique to launch her own fashion line, as a fashion fan herself.


    When it comes to fashion, Vicky gushes that her inspiration comes from Lucy Mecklenburgh.

    “I sometimes look at Lucy and think ‘where has she got that outfit from’ as she looks incredible! She’s got such good style,” Vicky said.


    Vicky is to be commended for her dedicated hard work. While some of her former castmates admire her new body and new look, they have said that they would rather go under the knife for weight loss surgery and liposuction procedures rather than put in the time and effort it requires to become fit and toned.