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  • For a while, Victoria Beckham was better known for her bolted-on looking breast implants than for her former career as a Spice Girl or the wife of soccer star David Beckham, before she became a designer in her own right. However, while she might have showcased her overly obvious breast implants, she rarely referred to them. So when she opted to remove them, it was also something of a mystery because she had never totally admitted that they existed in the first place. In the new issue of Allure magazine, the notoriously close mouthed fashionista opens up about her personal life and even mentions her past breast augmentation.

    When Victoria was wandering the world with breast implants, she usually tried to avoid talking about them or even acknowledging her plastic surgery and even went so far as to deny them. However, she did slip up when filming NBC television special “Victoria Beckham: Coming to America“ years ago when hubbie David was playing Stateside.

    To welcome the Beckhams to Los Angeles, Victoria was invited to throw the first pitch at a Dodger game.

    “I really thought that one of my silicones was going to fly out of my armpit then,“ says Victoria to the camera.

    Later on the show, Victoria Beckham tried to cover up for her breast augmentation, saying that her breasts are “not that big in the flesh.”


    Even though Victoria would routinely deny going under the knife, the truth was pretty obvious. As a Spice Girl, she had A or small B-cups and then shortly after the girl band disbanded, she looked to have closer to a 32D-cup. Making them all the more obvious was the implants appeared too round and hard-looking, and had an unnaturally high “shelf-like“ projection.


    Still, Victoria continued to downplay the size of her implants saying, “Everyone keeps going on about my tits, but they’re only a 32B.”


    Eventually Victoria must have gotten tired of people talking about the size of her tits, because she seems to have had the implants removed. However, she was as coy about undoing her plastic surgery as she had been about having breast implants in the first place.


    In 2009, rumors began to circulate that Victoria had either had her implants removed or replaced with smaller impants made of a different material, such as silicone gel, which has a more natural look.


    But it wasn’t until a 2011 interview with Vogue UK that Victoria once again opened up about having breast implants removed, saying that she was going for a more natural look.


    Since then, Victoria has shown her chops as a fashion designer, showing at Fashion Week and even wearing her own creations on the street.


    And while she never fully admitted to having breast implants in the first place, in a new interview with Allure magazine, Victoria did open about a few things including her former affair with plastic surgery and the fact that she opted for laser hair removal rather than shaving her legs.


    After being shown a photo of her former cleavage, Victoria says, “I don’t have them anymore.” A small pause: “I think I may have purchased them.”


    “And then what?” she is asked by the magazine. “Did your breasts just leave?”

    “Or they got removed, one or the other,” she says.


    “You removed the implants?” Allure confirms

    “Yeah,” she replies with satisfaction.

    “Because they hurt you?” conjectures Allure.

    “No,” says Victoria.

    And that is that.