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  • Victoria Beckham, Plastic Surgery, Breast Augmentation, ImplantsVictoria Beckham may be considering plastic surgery again, although this time it’s not another breast augmentation but rather a procedure to tone up her sagging arms. According to an English gossip site, sources close to the super thin star say that Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham is feeling paranoid about her imminent arrival in Los Angeles and is obsessed about her sagging upper arms not being toned enough and wants to take a shortcut to fixing her problem by going under the knife. Sagging arms can be addressed through arm liposuction and an arm lift, which typically leaves fairly large scars.

    Victoria has always hated her saggy stomach. But now she has become paranoid about her arms- she thinks they’re much more exposed,” told a source to Grazia.

    Her husband David Beckham is against the idea of plastic surgery and is encouraging his wife to exercise and tone up her arms rather than undergoing a surgery.

    The source added: “She knows exercise will take forever to work. She feels under enormous pressure to look the part when she arrives in LA as everyone will be scrutinizing her.”

    This rumor does not seem like it will turn into a plastic surgery reality, as it is quite obvious that Victoria Beckham can easily get rid of any fat and sagginess by exercising and naturally toning her arms. An arm lift is typically reserved for patients who have excess skin and who have real “bat wings” that can only be removed by trimming off the skin. Pictures of the star, on the other hand, do not show any such problems. From the sounds of it, if there is any truth to the rumor, Victoria is being a bit too self-conscious and for a second thought of plastic surgery as a possibility, but in most likelihood will return to her senses and get a trainer to help her shape her arms.

    On the other hand, this is not the first time that Victoria Beckham speaks negatively of her body, as the star has a history of low body image and low self-esteem (read full story about Victoria Beckham’s low self body image). Despite having a seemingly thin and muscular physique, Victoria said in an interview that she looks “really awful naked”. Victoria Beckham complains that “I’ve got so much saggy skin on my stomach. I might fit into jeans, but trust me, I look really awful naked.” Beckham, 32, adds that she has “no bum [butt] at all,” despite her appearance in ads for her new fragrance, which she credits to airbrushing and retouching magic. In an OK! Magazine article, Victoria Beckham said, “There are loads of things I don’t like about my body. I don’t like my hair, my belly button, my stomach or my fingernails. Also I have no definition, probably from having babies. I could go to the gym but I haven’t got the time or the energy.”

    We hope that Victoria will stop obsessing over her body so much and look at the real issues that cause her to have such low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is one of the worst reasons to have plastic surgery.

    Source: Female First

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