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  • As Jacki Weaver’s career continues to rise, the Australian actress was thinking of getting some plastic surgery as she gains attention in the international spotlight. However, her agent quickly put the kibosh on that.

    66-year old Jacki Weaver drew acclaim when she earned a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her work in Animal Kingdom in 2010. The star continued to get attention when she was again nominated for her great acting talent in 2012′s Silver Linings Playbook, alongside veteran actor Robert DeNiro and newly popular Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

    At the time of her first nomination, Makemeheal.com speculated that Jacki had already had some plastic surgery, including a possible facelift and necklift and fillers like Radiesse in her cheeks. Most noticeable is Jacki’s very prominent brow, which could be the result of a browlift or Botox. However, her eyebrows appear to be unevenly elevated and a little bit of Botox in the lower brow could help event them out.

    Apparently Jacki had not been under the knife, but may have been considering plastic surgery in order to smooth out her appearance and get more work in Hollywood, which clearly loves her.

    She tells the Sydney Morning Herald, “It was never on my agenda (to work in Hollywood), not that I don’t love American film, I just didn’t think it was an outside chance (sic) that I would get work there.”

    However, when Jacki told her agent about her concerns about her onscreen appearance, she was immediately banned from getting any plastic surgery.

    “Because I am 66 and getting these lines I said to my agent, Hildy Gottlieb… ‘I think I’d really like a nip and tuck and get rid of those lines’ and she said, ‘Don’t you touch your f**king face!’”

    In the past, plastic surgery has been a go-to for women of a certain age in the entertainment industry. In an effort to compete for roles with younger women and not get typecast, many actresses would do whatever it takes to stay young and beautiful, from multiple facelifts to using injectable fillers.

    While there is still plenty of importance placed on a woman’s looks, these days there seems to be a movement to looking more natural. Rather than head for the plastic surgeon’s office, more women seem to be relying on skincare products and noninvasive dermatology procedures in an effort to look their best at any age.

    Furthermore, many women have actually spoken out against plastic surgery, including Emma Thompson, who was recently nominated for her work in last year’s Disney tribute Saving Mr. Banks. Emma has said that, “It’s psychotic to have your body opened up and stuff put in and injecting yourself with poisons.”


    Other stars that have reached middle age, including Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz have admitted to trying Botox, but have said that they didn’t like it. instead, they claim to rely on a healthy diet and lots of exercise to keep them looking better than women half their age.