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  • Plastic surgery queen and daytime talk show host isn’t shy. So at a recent Vegas pool party, she joined other celebrities sporting swimwear, showing off the prominent tattoo that conceals her tummy tuck scar.

    Wendy Williams is a plastic surgery queen, according to her own accounts, and she isn’t shy about showing off her purchases. Days away from turning the big 5-0, Wendy was at a Vegas pool party over the last weekend. The host of the “world’s largest bachelorette party” at Tao, Wendy posed wearing a skimpy bikini and a sarong style cover up that revealed her prominent tattoo over her lower stomach, the site of her tummy tuck scar.

    In the past, Wendy has said that she is not a fan of tattoos in general and doesn’t even like the one that she sports on her own abdomen. However, it does serve the purpose of covering up the scar left by a tummy tuck procedure, which she says is better.


    In a 2012 interview when she talked about posing nude for animal activist organization PETA, Wendy explained, “I got my tattoo to cover my tummy tuck mark.”


    “I’m not really one that likes tattoos. I still stand by that. I don’t particularly like that one, but I’d rather have that than the cut [mark].”


    Wendy had a tummy tuck six months after giving birth to her son, Kevin Jr., in 1999.


    In addition to the tummy tuck, Wendy has also had breast augmentation as well as liposuction. She also regularly gets Botox and fillers to help ward off signs of aging.


    Last year, she decided to lose about 20 pounds before turning 50 (and posing nude for PETA).


    At the time, the host said, “It’s funny because I wasn’t a gorilla before. I lost maybe 20 pounds. I weigh 175. I told you when I got on the scales, it was 195 and then you know I was like ‘Ok I’ve got to get ready for my 50th birthday…’ Fifty, I can see that as one of those milestones that makes you want to jump off a building.”


    While Wendy is always open about her plastic surgery, her outspokenness has gotten her into trouble on occasion.


    In a past interview with xoJane.com, When asked about why she thinks people criticize her so much for getting plastic surgery, Wendy responded, “They are jealous. Because if I said to that person, ‘I got the doctor and I’m going to pay for it. Choose three things you want to do,’ believe me, they would get it done. They are very jealous and scared. Scared of what their other friends would say, or to break out of the box and be different. And being black? Ugh, please. My people will not go for any kind of surgery. We are supposed to be natural. Ugh, whatever.”


    More recently, Wendy got into a celebrity battle with rapper Lil Kim, criticizing the scantily clad former stripper’s ever changing face and saying, “Kim, in my mind, I knew your goal was always to look like La Toya Jackson,” Williams said, adding, “You’ve out-La Toya’d La Toya in your new look. Don’t blame Photoshopping, blame your plastic surgeon, girl.”